My Everyday Make Up Look

One of my favourite things to read on blogs and watch on Youtube are people’s ‘everyday make up looks’ first and for most because I have a sick obsession with seeing how other people apply their make up and what looks they go for which results in me wallowing because I wish I had all their products and their skill putting it on. Anyway I thought I would share with y’all what I use in my very own everyday make up look.

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My Birthday Wishlist

So at the end of the month it’s my birthday, I’ll be turning … give me a minute while I try to say this, ahem, I shall be turning 25 (I know, get me a bus pass cos I think I’m done). I know I’m being dramatic but this is honestly the first birthday where I’ve actually been dreading getting older, I mean what even is 25? I feel like 25 is an age where your family expect you to be getting married, having babies and just getting your shit together  and there’s a lot of extra pressure, anyone else think this? But before I have a meltdown lets get down to what this post is about, I wanted to make a wishlist of some of the things I’ve been after for a while …  secretly hoping my boyfriend reads this and get the hint, just joking, kind of 😉

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Dying My Hair Blue

A few months ago I decided to dye my hair blue, now anyone who has known me a long time will know that this is a bit of a drastic move for me. I’ve been dying my hair since I was about 16 when Demi Lovato coloured her hair black and I was like ‘I need to look like that’ so dyed mine black too … I know how ‘Regina George wore army pants and flip flops’ of me. Anyway I’m naturally dark brown so changing to black wasn’t that much of a big deal and the only other colours I’ve experimented with are light brown, dark purple and a few blonde highlights (but we won’t talk about those).

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Getting them Gains

I had a realisation about three weeks ago that i’m a quitter, I start and stop things religiously, take blogging for example i’ve taken more breaks from it than I care to admit and it really grinds my gears. Deep down i’d like to think of myself as quite a motivated person however I think I tend to let negativity take over and consume me, so a few weeks ago after much umming and ahhing I joined back up at the gym.

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Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear

For the past few years my staple foundation has been the Estee Lauder Double Wear, I


just adore this product, it’s coverage is amazing and we’ve been through everything together, birthdays, christmas, spontaneous nights out, you name it. But like Ross and Rachel we’ve decided to go on a break and I now have a new fav foundation.

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New Year, New Blog!

Happy freakin New Year everyone! I hope you all had the most amazing Christmas 🙂

Okay so hands up whose reading this in bed, still steaming with a Dominoes on route … most of you I see 😉

Right so here I am, fresh blog and new mindset hoping to figure out what it is i’m supposed to do in this crazy whirlwind we call life. I’ve had Living in a Bubble for so long and I go through phases where I love writing and creating and just interacting with everyone but then all that comes to a holt when I start criticising my entire flow and thinking ‘why am I doing this, my stuff is shite compared to everyone else’, you know how it is, you start that process of putting yourself and your work down because ‘how can you write about make-up when you look like crap’ or ‘I can’t post pictures of my new outfit because I don’t have an amazing camera and the quality is poor’. Thing is while I know i’ll probably still think those things about my work and myself along the way, i’ve never been more inspired, motivated and just bloody excited than when I would write blog posts.

In the words of Kyle Jenner 2018 is going to be the year of just ‘realising stuff’.

So here I am ready and up for this blogging journey to begin again and I hope you’ll all enjoy it with me!