Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear

For the past few years my staple foundation has been the Estee Lauder Double Wear, I


just adore this product, it’s coverage is amazing and we’ve been through everything together, birthdays, christmas, spontaneous nights out, you name it. But like Ross and Rachel we’ve decided to go on a break and I now have a new fav foundation.

I’d seen so many bloggers and girls on Instagram rave about the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear foundation and was itching to try it so of course I went to my nearest boots to try a sample. My skin was matched to the number 005 which I think is probably one of the lightest shades because well, i’m unfortunately very pale, anyway, as soon as I got home I decided to give it a whirl and honestly , I wasn’t sold at first, the coverage was less than I was used to with the Double Wear so I felt as though my skin didn’t look right but never the less I don’t give up without a fight so I persevered and now I don’t think I could use anything else on my face.

The Teint Idole Ultra Wear is so long-lasting I can go all day and all night, depending on the occasion, without having to do any touch ups and after getting used to the difference in coverage I actually prefer having less on my face than I did with the Double Wear, I just think it looks so much more natural and is kinder to the skin. The best thing about this foundation is that it comes with a pump, I mean if that isn’t the icing on the cake then what is.

Price wise the foundation is probably a little bit at the steep end at £31 so if you’re used to buying drug store foundations then maybe you might be a little apprehensive about buying it but for me foundation is the only product that I actually don’t mind spending a little extra on because when my skin is looking good I feel so much more confident and isn’t that just an amazing feeling?!

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