Getting them Gains

I had a realisation about three weeks ago that i’m a quitter, I start and stop things religiously, take blogging for example i’ve taken more breaks from it than I care to admit and it really grinds my gears. Deep down i’d like to think of myself as quite a motivated person however I think I tend to let negativity take over and consume me, so a few weeks ago after much umming and ahhing I joined back up at the gym.

I’ve joined the gym probably about three times since I was about 16 but my recent sign up happened about a month ago. Working a shift pattern has it’s ups (lie ins) but has many downs (everyone being at work when you’re not) and quite frankly I was getting really fed up of being bored throughout the day when I wasn’t due to start work until later or had a day off during the week when my friends are doing their 9-5. So after my boyfriend suggested I join the gym for something to do I thought, why the hell not and i’m actually so happy I did.

Bootay, Bootay, Bootay! That’s what ideally I would like to try and achieve from my workouts just a decent sized, toned peach. No, I mean yes I do want that but my ultimate goal is to just feel confident within my self and my body, who doesn’t want to just look at themselves in the mirror and be like ‘yes guurl’, it’s all about the self-love am I right?

I can actually say that even after a month of going to the gym three or four times a week i’m starting to feel that little bit less critical of my body, I never really understood when I would hear people say things like ‘you feel amazing after a workout’ or ‘I enjoy the gym’ but now I get it, while i’m doing my thang at the gym I just feel good, I don’t think about anything else other than what i’m actually doing at that time and it’s amazing! Don’t get me wrong sometimes finding the motivation to actually get myself out the door is a task on some days, but I know that once i’m there and i’ve done it i’ll thank myself, especially when i’m chowing down on a double cheeseburger later on 😉

I’m by no means a fitness expert but i’m hoping to do a few more posts about what I do at the gym once I kinda figure some more things out and actually learn the names of some of the exercises i’m doing. If anyone has any tips on how to tone and grown the bootay send them my way.



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