Dying My Hair Blue

A few months ago I decided to dye my hair blue, now anyone who has known me a long time will know that this is a bit of a drastic move for me. I’ve been dying my hair since I was about 16 when Demi Lovato coloured her hair black and I was like ‘I need to look like that’ so dyed mine black too … I know how ‘Regina George wore army pants and flip flops’ of me. Anyway I’m naturally dark brown so changing to black wasn’t that much of a big deal and the only other colours I’ve experimented with are light brown, dark purple and a few blonde highlights (but we won’t talk about those).

The decision to go blue was very last minute as I initially booked the appointment with the intention of getting some sort of brown balayage, I don’t know what happened I think something inside me just snapped and was like ‘do itttt!’ so I messaged my hairdresser the wonderful Vicky and asked her if she thought my hair could handle the very long process that has to happen to create such a colour, and with her seal of approval we booked it in.

If any of you have gone from a brunette to a brighter colour then you’ll know the risks of damage that could happen to your hair from bleaching, this was something that I was very concerned about! After hearing stories from people about their hair snapping from bleaching I was quite nervous to actually get it done myself, especially as my hair is naturally dry due to being curly but I trusted Vicky and put my hair in her hands along with a little help from Olaplex.

So after two lots of bleaching, washing, dying, styling, treatments and enduring orange hair I was finally blue (six hours later may I add). My first initial reaction to seeing my very vibrant hair was ‘ohhhh my god what have I done’ I had an instant feeling of regret, seeing myself with such a light and vibrant colour freaked me out, I was adamant I didn’t suit it but after words of reassurance from Vicky and my sister I calmed down and actually started to like my hair. I guess changing a part of you in a way you never have before just takes some getting used to doesn’t it?

And now? I absolutely love having blue hair and actually can’t imagine myself going back brown although I know I’ll have to at some point because the hair/colour maintenance is a chore let me tell you … but that’s a whole other blog post! At the moment I’m just enjoying having something a little different and have had so many lovely compliments from people about it which is always nice πŸ™‚

I’ve recently been back to Vicky to get a more electric type of blue and a mop chop, I’ll insert pics below.









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