My Birthday Wishlist

So at the end of the month it’s my birthday, I’ll be turning … give me a minute while I try to say this, ahem, I shall be turning 25 (I know, get me a bus pass cos I think I’m done). I know I’m being dramatic but this is honestly the first birthday where I’ve actually been dreading getting older, I mean what even is 25? I feel like 25 is an age where your family expect you to be getting married, having babies and just getting your shit together  and there’s a lot of extra pressure, anyone else think this? But before I have a meltdown lets get down to what this post is about, I wanted to make a wishlist of some of the things I’ve been after for a while …  secretly hoping my boyfriend reads this and get the hint, just joking, kind of 😉

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eye-Shadow Palette

I’ve had my eyes on this palette for sooo long but just haven’t had the spare money to buy myself it ‘cos you know bills and that! Eyeshadow is one of my favourite make up bits to play with and the colours in this palette are insane and super pigmented, they just look uhhhh so good. One of my friends got given one, yes you heard me correct GIVEN one and once I saw it I knew I 100% wanted it, I’ve done her make up on a few occasions using the shades and they blend like an absolute dream, so yeah I want!

Adidas Clothes

Recently I’ve been loving the more chilled out/laid back sort of look when it comes to clothing. I’ve never really been the type to wear joggers or trainers but lately I’m finding that sort of style more appealing, especially since I got a pair of Gazelles for Christmas and think they look v snazzy. What I’d like to buy are a pair of Adidas leggings preferably black ‘cos I think they look better and a casual top which I’ve actually seen in Topshop and walked past it longingly staring.

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish 

I’ve used this in the past and think it’s wonderful, it’s been a while since I did use it but I remember it leaving my skin feeling so soft and just refreshed and would love to get my little hands on it again. I know some people use it to take off their make up but I think I just prefer it as a good old cleanser after I’ve removed my make up to just tie in with my skin care routine which could use some new products tbh.

Victoria Secret Underwear/Lingerie 

Instagram has literally been torturing me with pictures of the most stunning Victoria Secret products and the things that have definitely caught my eye are the underwear ranges. I mean I’ve came to terms with the fact that I will probably never look like the models wearing them but oh my Christ I still want, want want! Sexy, sophisticated and just bloody insane are the only words I can use to describe the underwear.

And that’s it really, kind of small I know but we’ve just had Christmas where I was spoilt rotten and I don’t really want that much, these are just some things that I’d like to get myself, treat yo self and all that.



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