My Everyday Make Up Look

One of my favourite things to read on blogs and watch on Youtube are people’s ‘everyday make up looks’ first and for most because I have a sick obsession with seeing how other people apply their make up and what looks they go for which results in me wallowing because I wish I had all their products and their skill putting it on. Anyway I thought I would share with y’all what I use in my very own everyday make up look.

Primer – I know not many people are fussed on primer, it’s one of those take it or leave it products in my opinion but for me it’s always the first step in any make up routine. The Maybelline Super Stay is one of the best primers I’ve used, I would 100% say its one of the reasons why my foundation stays put all day and the consistancy is the right amount of watery and creamy and really easy to smooth into the skin and leaves a lovely glow after application.

Foundation – I’ve recently uploaded a post on the Lancome Teint Ultra Wear foundation so I won’t babble on about it too much in here but I use this every time I apply make up whether it’s during the day or a night out and it’s literally been my go-to foundation for the past six months.

Concealer – Of course it’s the Rimmel Wake Me Up, every gal, guy and their gerbil knows just how amazing this concealer is. I just love how you can go from tired and dull to bright and glowy with a bit of filling in under the eyes with this. When it comes to concealer I definitely prefer a wand application rather than stick or pot I find it just so easy to blend and the creamy consistency is light weight which feels nice on the skin.

Powder – For powder I go for the Maybelline Matte Maker Powder in the shade Ivory. There’s not much really to say about this other than it does exactly what it says on the tin, it’s not yellowy and doesn’t leave you looking like you just jumped out of a Simpsons episode and leaves me with a matte finish which is what’s best for my skin because can I shite get away with a dewy sort of look, it just looks like my face is melting off and that is definitely a no no.

Contour – What I generally use to contour is the Make up Revolution Ultra Contour Powder Palette in the light to medium range. This palette is amazing, not only does it come with the contour powder in four different shades but it also has banana powder and highlight shades on the top row … I know and it’s only £8! I normally go for the lighter brown shade out of the contour options because I’m hella pale and don’t want to look odd with a darker contour (been there done that haha). The powder transfers so well and is an absolute delight to blend, typically in my everyday look I only contour my cheeks and don’t really focus on any other areas like nose, forehead and all that jazz.

Eyeshadow – Yessss! I bloody love eyeshadow, seriously give me all the palettes please. I’m not gonna lie I do change what eyeshadow palette I use quite frequently depending on what look I’m going for but sticking to an ‘everyday look’ I keep to the nude, bronzy vibe. The palette I would normally grab to achieve this look is the Too Faced Chocolate Bar and giiirrrrrrrl, let me tell you it smells in … wait for it … sane, it literally smells like chocolate and apart from peanut butter this has to be the best chocolate pairing ever! So what I usually do is take the shade Marzipan which is a pinky, champagne colour and put that all over my lid, then I go in with Salted-Caramel a pale, nudish shade for the crease and follow with Semi-Sweet that’s a deeper brown for the outer corner, sometimes I might finish with a touch of Champagne Truffle on the inner corner for a bit of sparkle depending on how extra i’m feeling.

Eyeliner – Okay this is by far THE best eyeliner I have ever used and have been using this religiously for years, it’s the Collection Extreme 24Hr Felt Tip Eye Liner. Applying eyeliner is so easy with this product, the nib is the perfect thickness for me because I just can’t get away with thin wands and find it an absolute chore to do my eyeliner but with this it takes like two minutes to do both wings. It’s bold so your eyeliner stands out for miles and sooo long-lasting I almost never have to touch unless my eyes have been watering for some reason, I mean would I prefer it to be waterproof, yes but hey, you can’t have everything can you.

Mascara – I haven’t been using this mascara long, maybe three weeks or so but when I do apply make up it’s what I use all the time. The Collection Extreme Coloured Length Mascara is bloody fantastic honestly, this was the first time I’d actually picked up a mascara from Collection, I’m kinda fussy when it comes to mascaras after I had a few allergic reactions when I was younger to the Miss Sporty brand … anyone remember Miss Sporty, are they even still around? Anyway every time I buy mascara it’s always a Maybelline one, not the same one every time but Maybelline none the less because I know I’m safe with them and my eyes don’t react to the products, I must have been feeling adventurous when I came across the Collection Extreme. This mascara lengthens, thickens and is bold which I love in a mascara but it literally doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything on your eyes, oh and it isn’t clumpy either. I would definitely buy this again especially as it’s only £2.99 which for a mascara is like so cheap and hey if it’s cheap and makes my eyelashes look the bomb, I’m there.

Eyebrows – Finally the brows, the product I use in my everyday make up look is none other than the Maybelline Brow Satin Pencil in Dark Brown. Love this, on one end you have the pencil which is more of a fine type crayon so you can be super precise when sculpting your brows and get that definition not to mention glides onto your skin. On the other end you get this dome sponge sort of thing that has product on it to hold your brows in place, now I don’t really use this part of the pencil often just because I don’t find it makes that much of a difference personally but the actual crayon/pencil end of the product I’m obsessed with, perfect for natural looking eyebrows.

Lipstick – I almost forgot to add lipstick on here but how could I when I use none other than the infamous MAC Velvet Teddy! This is my staple lipstick, I use it a hundred times more than I use any other, but can you blame me? Velvet Teddy is the perfect nude for me, the shade is on point and I’m such a matte sort of finish rather than a sheen or gloss so this is the one.


And there we have it, there is everything I use in my everyday make up look. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it and please let me know what you use in your every day looks or send me links to your posts or videos in the comments because I love dat shit.


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