I’ve Started A YouTube Channel

Guys, I have some very exciting news but of course if you’ve read the title you’ll know what it is … that’s right your girl has started a bloomin YouTube channel!!!

This is something that i’ve thought about doing for quite a while tbh and even recorded a little video a few months ago but I kinda talked myself out of doing anything else with it, I have this thing where I compare myself to every other living person out there but i’m working on it and trying to snap myself out of it.

Then a few weeks ago my amazing boyfriend Martin gave me some lovely words of encouragement and the kick up the butt I needed to finally create a channel and record my first little introduction video. Can I just be really cheesy for a minute and say, having people around you who whole heartedly support you and want literally only the best for you is one of the most wonderful feelings to experience and i’m so grateful to have those people in my life (okay mushy part over).

So bish, bash, bosh I now have a channel with some content already on it and i’m crazy excited to make more and just learn so many new things and skills along the way. Now let me just tell you that right now I don’t have any expensive cameras or lighting equipment so the quality of the vids may not be spectacular but i’m 100% throwing all of my effort in to this and want it to keep getting better and better. Content wise you’ll expect things similar to my blog, you know beauty, skincare and of course some chatty vids so we can all get to know each other more but by all means if you have any ideas of things you’d like to see me do then comment on my channel or on here because i’d love to hear your suggestions.

And of course please, please don’t forget to like and subscribe if you enjoy what i’m doing and want to see my little face some more and i’ll return the favour of course.

I’ll leave the link below to my channel …



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