Things I Wish I Had Done Before 25

If you read my birthday wish-list post then you’ll know that I have just turned the grand old age of 25 … I mean I can’t deal! Just before my birthday I started reflecting on my life so far, you know as you do (I am not dramatic at all am I) and I randomly just began thinking of some of the things I wish I had done before now, I guess you could call them regrets in a way … I can hear you all now, ‘Oh Carolanne you sound so chipper, I can tell I’m in for a great time here’. I’m not trying to sound like a debbie downer but we all have things we wish we had done sooner or just in general, right?

Okay so numero uno is driving, I actually started my driving lessons when I was about 21 with an instructor who was recommended to me and honestly she was shit, it literally pains me when I think about how much money I wasted with her, she was just super unorganised and would cancel lessons alll the time for no reason and then lie about why she had to cancel and then on one occasion we had a lesson booked in and she just didn’t turn up at all, didn’t text me or ring to say she couldn’t make it so I just sat at home like a lemon waiting for her. That was kinda the final nail in the coffin and I text her asking for my money back because I had pre-paid lessons which she posted through my door in an envelope but hey ho I got my money. My second driving instructor who was again recommended was awwwwful with a capital A, I only had about three lessons with him and that was enough for a lifetime. So basically when I started with this chap he was like ‘yeah your first instructor has taught you loads of bad habits’ which I was like oh shit really, wow I’m gonna have to start from scratch which is already you know frustrating but then, when I would do one of those ‘bad habits’ he would literally scream at me, like full on heavy metal you know what I mean. On my third lesson, which became my final one I was shook, after he screamed at me I felt awful and all I wanted to do was just say to him ‘right I’m pulling over and you need to take me home’ because I was shaking and didn’t think I could go on with the lesson, but credit to myself I stuck it out and after the hour took myself home. When the lesson had finished he literally turned to me and said ‘do I make you uneasy?’ so I was honest and said ‘yeah you do, I don’t appreciate you shouting at me and I feel uncomfortable’ he then asked me if I wanted to continue our lessons and followed it with ‘I’ll never give up on a student’ making it out like it was me with the problem … hell naw, so after that I just told him I wanted to stop lessons with him, ciao! My experiences with driving instructors really put me off wanting to learn and after screamo Steve (Steve wasn’t his name but we’ll call him that for now) I became pretty anxious at the thought of having a lesson and still did when I started again last year. When 2017 came I knew I really wanted to pass my test and start driving again because getting buses and taxis everywhere is the biggest pain ever and I also felt sorry for my boyfriend chauffeuring me around and wanted to return the favour to him. Martin (the bf) gave me his old instructors number who had helped him and his sister both pass so I gave him a ring and within a week I had my first lesson with Andy . I felt so comfortable with Andy immediately and after the first lesson knew I really wanted to continue with him, don’t get me wrong I still get really anxious before my lessons and some times I think ‘I hope he texts me to say it’s cancelled’ but you do what you have to do and get yourself together. I would strongly recommend Andy for anyone looking to pass their test in the Middlesbrough/Stockton/Ingleby area because he’s fab and hopefully 2018 is the year I pass my test!

Jeeze this has turned into a ‘my driving experiences’ post, I didn’t realise I’d rambled on for so long, if you wanna go to the bathroom or grab a cuppa then I don’t blame you!

So lets get back to it, the second thing that I wish I had done before I turned 25 is travel, when you’re younger people always say to you ‘do it while you’re young’ and now I can totally see why. For most people when you’re around that 18-22 age you live at home and don’t really have any responsibilities so travelling is much more easier to do, you know save that dolla and jet off for a few weeks, months, whatever but for me I didn’t really have that opportunity to save enough money and put it away in order to catch a flight, I was working at my local cinema so of course on minimum wage but also having to contribute at home, I’m not gonna go through the ins and outs of that but just know that I wasn’t coming out with enough money to put away and live on at the same time so I didn’t really have that opportunity. This isn’t a sob story or woe is me sort of thing btw, like I’ve never gone without or anything, I’m just being honest about things here. Anywho, don’t get me wrong I’ve had holidays and I’ve been to some beautiful places but I would have liked to have that experience to have a few months or a year just exploring with no ties or responsibilities. I know I’m only 25 and have the rest of my life to still see the world which is amazing but in my opinion it’s just easier to do when you’re a bit younger.

Number C on my list is blogging, I explained in my first blog post about my on-off posting for a few years, this is something that I could just slap myself for, like seriously if I could just grab a hold my my past self and give me a shake I would. I wish that I had just continued consecutively with it and not had those long breaks, like yeah having a break and some time away when you need it is good for your mind and well-being but ‘cmon girl, my length of a break was no time for a kit-kat let me tell you. All that I think now is where would I be with blogging if I had stuck to it, what would my blog look like, what would I be writing about and all the skills I could have learnt along the way.

I mean I think there’s probably quite a few more things I could write about but this post is already the size of a short story so I don’t want to keep you guys for too long but all I can say is take opportunities when they present themselves, don’t let your fear/anxiety hold you back and if you’re passionate about something do it, do it. do it!!

12 thoughts on “Things I Wish I Had Done Before 25

  1. Happy belated birthday! I’m turning 22 soon and I haven’t done any of these things. I really want to go travelling but 1, I don’t have the money to do that and 2, I would be terrified to go by myself and I don’t really have anyone I could go with. Hopefully, I can do it one day!

    • Aww thank you so much lovely!! Don’t worry you will do I’m sure, money is such an issue when it comes to travelling but maybe try and put a little by a month if you can, easier said than done I know 🙈 I hope you can do it too 😘

  2. I can totally relate! I turned 25 at the end of last year, there are so many things I wish I’d done earlier! Especially travelling, when I started my uni course (I was 22) so many people had been travelling and most of the ones that had were younger than me! But like you say sometimes its not possible for some people to do things like this when they’re young, we’ll just have to make up for it when we can! ❤

    • Aww I’m so glad it’s not just me that feels like this 😊 and I know it’s so easy to compare yourselves to everyone else who have already done amazing things like travelling but 100% we’ll make up for it soon!! 😊

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