My Olaplex Experience

26982231_10155829020086815_1047310939_oYou’ve heard of Olaplex, right? I mean it’s literally everywhere in the hair care world now and I feel like it just came from nowhere like one minute i’d never seen, read or heard a single thing about it and the next it was blowing up my Instagram feed.

For those of you who’ve not yet came across Olaplex lemme just give you a little sum up of what it is and what it does. Basically Olaplex is a brand with miracle products that helps bond, strengthen, repair and protect hair from damage caused through bleaching, dying etc. and will be found in your hairdressers’ cupboards just sitting there waiting to transform your locks. Now I’m no hairdresser or hair expert so what I’m telling you here is just what I know/been told and have experienced but I’ll insert a link somewhere in this post to their website for more info.

There are three stages to using the product, stage one is the ‘bond multiplier’ which works its magic to rebuild broken bonds and begins the repairing process. Stage two the ‘bond perfector’ rebuilds and restores any remaining broken bonds and leaves your hair so bloody shinny and soft let me tell you, I sat with this on my hair in the salon for only 15 minutes and my hair looked like someone else’s, it felt and looked so healthy, I couldn’t believe it. Finally stage three which is actually to be used at home is the ‘hair perfector’ and just gives it that extra help to protect against everyday damage such as heating and styling.

Currently I’m on my second bottle of the hair perfector which I bought from for around £32 … I know, I know it’s a bit pricey but if you’ve read my Dying My Hair Blue post then you’ll know I’ve bleached my hair not to mention it’s naturally dry too. I think what you pay for the product is well worth it once you see the results and the texture of my hair is always something I’ve been self-conscious about since I can remember, like I get the worst case of ‘hair envy’ you will ever see, 99% of my time is spent starring at girls hair wishing mine was that shiny, long and thick. Olaplex literally makes me feel so much more confident about myself!

Okay so what I actually do with the No.3 product is first of all just wet my hair and towel dry it then apply quite a generous amount of the Olaplex all over my head, and I mean allll over from the roots to the tips and just massage it into my hair. The bottle recommends leaving it on for 10 minutes but I’m a little bit extra and want my hair to be S.O.F.T so I leave it on for about an hour and just do my thang while it’s doing its magic. Fast forward an hour then all I do is rinse, shampoo and condition, bish bash bosh job done.

I’ll let you guys in on a little secret, the first time I used the at home product I wasn’t sold and just thought ‘what a waste of money’, I think I expected my hair to just miraculously transform after one application but I swear be patient and persist and you’ll definitely start to see and feel such a difference in your hair. Not gonna lie the bottle is pretty small and I wish they would make them twice as big but you know what they say ‘it’s not the size that matters, it’s how you use it’.

2 thoughts on “My Olaplex Experience

  1. I have actually never heard of Olaplex, but it sounds like I need it. I have curly, very dry hair
    and I struggle to find things that can keep it moisturized. I really want to try this.

    Lovely post! x


    • I have naturally curly and dry hair too so I know exactly how you feel! This will help so much to put moisture back into your hair also I find the Aussie 3 minute miracle deep treatment range really good for my dry hair and it smells amazing 😊 hope this helps!!

      Thanks for your lovely comment 💙

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