NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

For the longest time i’ve wanted to try a matte liquid lipstick, I dunno what it is but they just look so gorgeous and I feel like every time I see someone wearing one i’m like ‘dang 27335204_10155841566966815_2030853172_ogurl’, anyone else?

After watching a Jordan Lipscombe video who, btdubs is my new favourite YouTuber, she was rocking a matte liquid lipstick and I just thought to myself ‘okay … it’s time’ so the next day I got myself to Boots and headed straight for the make-up section. Now I don’t know why but immediately I thought if anyones gonna hook me up with some quality liquid lippies it’s going to be NYX, i’ve just heard far too many good reviews about their products. I knew that I was 100% going to need a red and a nude first and foremost because those are just my go to shades when it comes to lips but let me tell you trying to find the perfect shades was a chore and a half, I didn’t realise just how many shade ranges were available, which of course is a great thing, just means a bit more rummaging. Alas after a hand full of swatches I finally decided on my liquid lipsticks of choice, my red (01 Amsterdam) and my nude (14 Zurich), let me just say that I love how they’re all named after different countries, how cute and they were only £6 each.

Obviously when I got home I ran straight for my mirror to try out these bad boys and the first thing I noticed was the smell, ohhh my god these smell so good, it’s annoying me that I can’t quite put my finger on what the smell reminds me of, like i’m legit sat here while I write this post sniffing them but still nothing, all I can describe it as is a sweet sort of scent which I love. Anyway moving on, on application the product just glides onto your lips and you can see instantly how creamy they actually are, it’s one of those things that you find satisfying to watch … well I do anyway. I would say you probably need to apply two coats to really fill in all your lips, I just found that one coat didn’t quite cover everything but that’s no big deal to me really. Once everything had dried which took no time at all I absolutely loved the end results, the red was bold and the perfect shade, I prefer a darker red rather than a pinky tone so I wasn’t disappointed and the nude was exactly what I look for in an ‘everyday’ sort of colour. The red liquid lipstick I actually have worn on a night out, and the verdict … no 1 it looked insane and no 2 I never once had to reapply, even after a few vodka and cokes.

I definitely think i’ll be going back to Boots to get some more of the lip creams because now I have two i’ll definitely be needing one in every colour, especially a deep purpley/plum oooo or maybe a black but I don’t know if i’m that brave haha.

15 thoughts on “NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

  1. I love every single NYX product I’ve tried! I was struggling to get a nude like that would work for my dry lips, but they have several! The Lip lingerie is also a great formula, and their matte lipsticks too. Their lip shine creams are also fab if you decide you want some smooth glossy lips too. Great review xx

  2. Yes! I have at least four different shades of the Matte Lip Cream, including Seoul haha. Some of them have better coverage than others, so they don’t take as many applications to get the right look. I watched a girl on youtube swatch all of them before I decided which shades I wanted and it was really fun watching how the shades looked against her pale skin. 🙂

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