Primark P.S My Perfect Colour Foundation

Hello again you gorgeous bunch, so today we’re gonna be talking about the foundation that’s on everyones lips and of course it’s the Primark P.S My Perfect Colour Foundation. If you haven’t heard of the foundation and you live in the UK then, where have you been people, seriously?! If you’re not from the UK and don’t have a Primark store then i’m super sorry because you’re probably like ‘what on earth are you talking about Carolanne?’ Just out of curiosity though i’d love to know how many of you arn’t from the UK but actually do know what Primark is or have a shop where you live … let me know in the comments.

This foundation is circulating faster than the rumour that Kylie Jenner was preggers, in the past two weeks or so I have seen so many posts about the foundation and how it’s supposedly a dupe for the Estee Lauder Double Wear, so after hearing this naturally I had to try it as Double Wear is one of my ultimate, fav foundations ever and if I can get my lil mitts on it for a fraction of the price i’m there quicker than Tommy Shelby at a Baker Boy Hat sale (Peaky Blinders reference).

So off I went to Primark to try and get a bottle of this lust-after foundation and let me just tell you the shelves in Primark were absolutely ransacked, I mean there was make-up literally everywhere and a crowd of women were just huddled around the section where this foundation was stood, I looked over and just thought ‘nah I have no chance here’. When I managed to squeeze myself through the swarm I looked on the shelf and all I saw was the foundation sitting there pretty in the shades Porcelain and Toffee which I am neither, I thought that was it, this was 100% the biggest disappointment I had faced in 2018 … drama queen award goes too! Alas my beady eye clocked the words ‘IVORY’, my hands have never moved so fast I snatched the bottle and held it with sheer might.

Story time over, so let’s get into the juicy stuff, what do I think of the foundation and is it in fact a dupe for Double Wear? The answer simply being … hell yeah it is! Guys, this is the god’s honest truth the P.S My Perfect Colour Foundation is exactly like Double Wear, they’re the Mary-Kate and Ashley of the foundation world and I would recommend you pick up a bottle in a New York Minute (see what I did there) if you love Double Wear like I do. As soon as I poured some on my hand ready for application I could already see it had the same consistency as DW and pretty much the exact same colour, now i’m the shade Cool Bone in Double Wear and this Ivory of the My Perfect Colour looked the spitting double which I was in owe of considering I was so lucky grabbing the last bottle of the thing. The foundation applied so easily and blended really well, I’d say it was a medium coverage but buildable if you wanted a heavier look, so perfect for day to night transformations. The finish was matte which if you know me, you’ll know is sorta my thang so I was over the moon with that and as for how well it lasted throughout the day, I didn’t have to touch up once and it stayed on until it was time to wind down and take it off at the end of the day.

Oh and the best thing about it? It’s FIVE POUNDS!!! Just take a sec and compare that to Double Wear which is £32, you could buy five of the My Perfect Colour foundations for the same price as one of the Estee Lauder’s … mic drop!

On a serious note, I wouldn’t recommend a product to you guys unless I was a fan of it first and loved it myself so get yourselves down to your local Primark and grab a bottle of this insane foundation. If you’re not a fan of the matte finish then of course this product won’t be for you but don’t worry i’m sure Primark will knock something outta the park for you very soon.

If you’d like to see me test this foundation out in person my latest Youtube vid is all about me trying out a bunch of make up from Primark so I shall link it below.




13 thoughts on “Primark P.S My Perfect Colour Foundation

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  2. I noticed this but I’m the shade Warm Sand in Double Wear and couldn’t find a similar one when I went to look. They don’t have as wide a range of course but that’s one of the main appeals of expensive foundations – I’m sure to match one as I have supposedly an odd skin tone. Nice to see that it worked for you, though!

    • Aww yeah I would definitely say that their shade range isn’t too great at the moment but I’m sure they will make plenty more due to its popularity 🤞🏻 thank you so much lovely x

  3. I miss Primark so much. This makes me so annoyed that I no longer live in the UK, and that the country I live in doesn’t have Primark. Can they get internet shopping already? I’m glad this foundation was good – it’s nice finding products that pretty much do the exact same thing as the more expensive ones!

    • Aww no way and I know I think everyone wants them to sell online I don’t know why they don’t 🤷🏻‍♀️ which country do you live in now? And thank you so much for your comment x

  4. I had seen tweets about this but I didn’t quite believe it. Great review, I’ll have to get myself down to Primark x

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