Old(ish) Tv Shows I’m Watching And You Should Too

Hey Hey everyone so I thought I would do something a little different for this post and just sit down with you guys and have a lil old chin wag about some of the Tv shows from the past i’ve been loving again. Now when I say ‘shows from the past’ i’m not talking about the ones your Nanna would have watched like Heartbeat … don’t come at me Heartbeat fans, no disrespect.

Nope, the shows I’m watching are a few good ‘uns from a few years ago that have reared their head on our tv screens once again, so let’s get into it.

Show numero uno is Scrubs, I was so bloody excited when I found out Scrubs was starting not only on Comedy Central but Now Tv would also have the entire collection ready to binge, did someone say eeeeeaggggle? I have loved Scrubs for god only knows how many years and actually had all of the series on dvd but for the life of me I haven’t been able to find them anywhere, please don’t say i’ve accidentally thrown them out! But the comedy gods have looked down on my poor soul and blessed me with the show back on my tele and I love it. Scrubs is just one of those shows that you can wack on no matter what mood you’re in and it will instantly pick you up and make you howl, don’t believe me? I swear, get yourself over on Comedy Central and have a look. Zac Braff and Donald Faison oh and John C Mcginley ahh the entire bloomin cast are so hilarious and will have little things stuck in your head from the get go, Appletini anyone?


Carolanne’s oldish Tv show recommendation number two is … 8 Simple Rules! Please tell me you’ve watched this at some point in your life because again it is just genius and such a feel-good kinda show to watch. So i’ll tell you a lil bit about it, the show is basically about a father trying to get the swing of having teenage daughters and what that entails such as boys, parties and sibling drama and how he copes with it all. This is another comedy show but it also has some ‘feels’ moments let me tell you, I have laughed and cried with this show, it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions but I love it. If that doesn’t reel you in the show stars the late and insanely talented John Ritter who cracks me up from start to finish, what an absolute legend, but not only that there’s also a young Kaley Cuoco who of course does nothing but shine. Again Comedy Central are showing this and also 5Star here in the UK so make sure you give it a watch.


And the final show i’ve been loving all over again is none other than Friends and lets face it you can’t get away from it because it’s on everywhere! I’m gonna be completely honest here and say for a long time I didn’t have the time of day for Friends, I would see it on my Tv and just turn it over … I know, who even am I right? I think it was just because I had seen each episode like a million times before and quite frankly I was bored of it and thought it to be, well, overplayed but in the past hmmm three months i’ve been watching none-stop. There’s been no more of this turning the channel over nonsense believe me, i’ve been seeing it all from Rachel running out of her wedding, to Phoebe’s triplets all the way over to Rachel getting off the plane (sorry for the spoilers but where have you been the past 20 years).


So there we have it, I know there’s not many but they’re good ones believe me! Let me know if you’ve watched or are watching any of these shows and what you think or if you’ve been re-watching some other oldish shows you think I should give a go again.


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