Nina Ricci (Nina)

Listen up guys and gals, in todays post I wanted to share with you my ultimate, forever, favourite perfume (you can already tell how much I love it right?) All you Nancy Drew’s out there will have already guessed it’s the lil gem that is Nina Ricci – Nina, now some of you who maybe haven’t heard of the perfume or just arn’t that familiar with it might be like ‘Carolanne why have you said Nina twice’ well I shall tell you it’s because the brand of the perfume is called Nina Ricci and the actual name of the scent I adore is called Nina … I mean how badass is that, naming a perfume after yourself, YES GIRL!!

Anywho this perfume is literally (Kardashian voice) THE best perfume I have ever smelt, worn, been blessed with, I have been obsessed with it for years. I remember hovering around the perfume section in Boots with my friends when I was like 16/17 and trying samples of perfume, so there I am Nina Ricci in hand spritzing away and was immediately hooked, I remember saying to my friend ‘oh my god this smells amazing I need to have it’. Unfortunately at this time I was as poor as anything and worked in my local corner shop so couldn’t afford to splurge the dolla and buy myself it. Then one day my fairy godmother well, fairy sister Paige came back from holiday and had bought me the perfume while she was sunning it up in Bulgaria … what a doll. So of course I was living my best life each day wearing this goddess like scent until it all ran out.

Fast forward seven years and I had totally forgot about Nina until myself and my charming boyfriend Martin were in the airport on our way to Portugal when my eyes caught a glisten from across the duty free store and what did I see but my good old pal Nina just sitting there looking all pretty. So of course I doused myself in the perfume and made a comment to Martin like ‘ugh this is my favourite perfume ever’ then left the shop ready to board our flight. Just over a week after returning from our holiday Martin surprised me with a bottle of Nina and I swear you’d think he had gave me the Queen’s jewels I was buzzing … what did I ever do to deserve him? He also got me it again for Christmas because of course I used the previous bottle in the blink of an eye … whoops!

The packaging of this perfume is simply stunning with its shinny, red exterior and silver top … I love the resemblance it has to an apple. The fragrance itself is a more fruity scent however not over powering or too sweet honestly I could just smell it all day and not get sick of it. Of course Nina Ricci have other fragrances in their collection however i’ve actually never tried any of the others ones, I think i’m just too in love with Nina but saying that I actually would love to give the rest a go and see how they compare. If any of you have tried any of the Nina Ricci perfumes then please let me know which ones, what you think of them and if it’s worth me testing them out too!





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