My Dabble in the Vegan World

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all doing really well! So I thought I would just talk to you guys about my experience with vegan food and the vegan sort of lifestyle … don’t worry i’m not going to start preaching at you, telling you why you should ditch the meat and become vegan because well, I hate those types of people *cough Lucy Watson cough* .

So about two months or so ago Martin (my lovely bf) decided that he wanted to try his hand at becoming a vegan, primarily for the health benefits as we used to eat quite a lot of takeaways and fast food which left us both feeling quite bleghhh a lot of the time. So of course I supported his decision and said that I would eat whatever he eats when we’re together (which is 90% of the time) but when i’m away from him I would continue to eat meat and dairy etc because quite frankly I enjoy eating those things … I guess you can call me a part-time vegan. Martin was 100% fine with this, he wan’t pushy or tried to conform me, besides we’re practically joint at the hip so I’d end up eating what he had anyway most of the time.

Anyway we both did our research into what sorts of foods we could eat and the different meals we could cook, we decided to prep meals on a weekend to make sure we wern’t slaving away in the kitchen on evenings after work, especially as I work shifts and Martin gets home pretty late some days from his job. You name it we looked into it for recipes; youtube videos, blogs, online sites etc. some of our favourite meals we’ve cooked so far are … Chickpea curry, Lentil, Quinoa and Bean Chilli, Tofu Stirfry and a Pasta Bake with vegan cheese (not gonna lie the cheese was rank). Other foods we tend to eat are roasted veg, cous cous, avocado on toast which is my ultimate fav and things like granola, muesli blah blah blah, I could write a long list of some of the things we eat but I don’t want to bore you but if you’d like to know please feel free to ask!

I will say that there are so many vegan substitutes you honestly don’t miss out on anything, things like milk, butter, chocolate, even burgers, sausages and bloomin popcorn chicken (shout out to Farm Foods) you can still get your hands on because there are so many vegan alternatives which are so tasty I mean i’m not even lying when I say


that I prefer the vegan sausages to regular ones oh and the ice-cream … what’s that about right?

Don’t get me wrong there are some downfalls to being vegan such as spending your Sunday in the kitchen for four hours preparing food and having to check everything you buy to make sure you can eat it, then the following disappointment when you find out you can’t, and it’s kinda expensive for some things too but I suppose when you’re not eating takeaways and McDonalds anymore it tallies up really. Saying that when I consistently stick to eating like Martin 24/7 I notice huge changes to the way I feel and how my body looks such as the constant bloating I used to have from eating crap just disappears and I feel ten times more confident in myself, I have so much more energy and get up and go than I used to as well which is strange considering we get up at 5:30am Monday – Friday, you’d think I’d be exhausted but no, i’ve never been more motivated to just smash through the day and get blog posts, youtube videos done and this is all without coffee … we’re all about the Chia Tea now guys.

Like I said when i’m not with Martin i’m not as conscious about sticking to the vegan ways so not gonna lie i’ve had a chorizo salad and a cheese sandwich here and there but tbh majority of the time even when we’re not together i’m staying true to the diet … go me. Martin on the other hand is doing absolutely amazing, he hasn’t slipped up once and i’m just in ore of his will-power.

If you’re vegan and have any meal suggestions or snack suggestions please comment them below as I’d love to give some more a try.






13 thoughts on “My Dabble in the Vegan World

  1. They Vegan Ben & Jerry’s is one of my favourites & some decent flavours too. Sounds like your doing well with other options. I was fully vegan but since falling pregnant I’ve went veggie as baby really kicks up when I just eat purely vegan food & makes me feel ill. You should try seitan, really good chicken substitute.

    • I’ve only tried the chocolate brownie flavour but I’m definitely looking forward to trying the rest haha! Aww bless you, how are you finding going from vegan to veggie? Ooo thank you so much I’ll have a look into that 😊 x

      • At first I was a little paranoid going vegan to veggie but it’s been ok. I desperately wanted to like cheese again but baby has other plans and I get heartburn with it 😂. X

  2. ANYTHING and everything Linda McCartney, my personal favorites are the sausage rolls and pulled pork sandwiches! My favorite vegan breakfast is overnight oats, my favorite lunch is hummus and avocado on toast, and my favorite dinner is eggplant “parm.” Here are some links to the recipes: and another post I made a while ago for more inspiration: Best of luck on your quasi-vegan journey!

    Rachel ||

    • Omg thank you so much for all of this! I love avocado on toast and have only recently tried it with hummus and I loved it 😊 I’ll definitely be checking out your posts!! Thank you xx

    • Aww thank you so much! I’d definitely say go for it if it’s something your thinking of doing, I definitely noticed a lot of difference with my bloating going down after 2 weeks 😊

  3. Hey Check out my insta, I (mostly daily) post vegan food inspo. If you haven’t already, I would go straight to iceland and but their no bull burgers that are ABSOLUTELY TO DIE FOR (but without anything actually having to die, lol) But yeah, feel free to message me at any time for food ideas because it’s literally all I think about 😛

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