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When it comes to makeup I am all about making sure my foundation is flawless, i’m a strong believer that your base makeup either makes or breaks the end result because if that foundations not right, you can bet your bottom dolla that everything else is gonna go tits up … in my experience anyway.

I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again for you people in the back, foundation is the one makeup product that I don’t mind splurging on and spending a little extra because when it looks good I just feel so much more confident, and in the words of my girl Demi Lovato, ‘what’s wrong with being confident?’

So when I was reached out to by to take a look at their foundation page and see what I thought, I was all in! I constantly watch and read so many videos and blogs testing out different foundations because i’m forever searching for some ones which are gonna make me look like i’m ready to step out on that red carpet. Let me just say that the team have done an insane job and this is my honest opinion, they’ve not only tested out over 700 formulas but they’ve made it even easier for us to decide which foundation to try by listing the best liquid, powder and drugstore foundations … they’ve basically done the work for us. Each foundation has a thorough description and where you can buy it, there’s also a price but it’s in $$$’s so for us non- American folk it’ll be a little different but I mean we can’t have everything can we.

I was actually a bit shocked at how much detail was on the page, the team have even listed the chemicals that you should stay away from when buying foundation and gave a description of how they’re harmful, not gonna lie I’ve never actually checked what my foundations have been made of but after reading what some of the chemicals can do I think i’m probably going to be more vigilant from now on, especially because I have sensitive skin.

The glazed cherry on this delicious cake is that the website also tells you tips on how you can make the most of your foundation, maintain it and protect your skin … can you name a better foundation trio?

If you’re a foundation enthusiast like me then I would definitely recommend taking a look at the page which I will leave linked below and in this post, i’ve actually learnt a lot about foundation that I wasn’t aware of and discovered some foundations i’d never heard of before which i’m now so eager to try.

i’d also love to know what your favourite foundation is so I can have a look myself, leave a comment because i’m so curious 🙂 



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