Old English Company Prints

I’ve been lucky enough to have recently been contacted by Old English Company  and asked to take a look at some of their products and share with you lovely bunch what I think, of course you all know me by now and know that I always give my honest opinion so everything I write below is 100% legit!

Let me start off by saying that I spent soooo long on their website trying to decide which products to review, they have the most adorable items and I was torn, it came to a point where I said to myself  “Carolanne this is ridiculous just hurry up and choose” … sometimes you just gotta have a firm word with yourself to get stuff done, am I right?

Finally I settled upon three bloomin gorgeous items, the Hot Mess make up pouch, Do What You Love mug and Snuggle Time pillow case. Let me tell you that all of the products are even cuter in person, I didn’t think I would ever get excited over a pillow case but I just love it so much, not to mention ‘snuggle time’ is my favourite time ever (my boyfriend hates me for it). One thing about the pillow case and make up pouch especially that I was genuinely blown away about was the quality of the material, both are made of really thick fabric, not gonna lie I was actually really surprised at just how amazing they were so huge props to the Old English Company team for creating some damn good stuff.

The prints on all of the items are ones that I can relate to daily which is another one of the reasons why I just adore them, I mean if staring at ‘Do What You Love’ while drinking chai tea each day won’t motivate me to live my best life then I don’t know what will.

If you’re not into any of the prints or products I got don’t you worry, they have tonnes of other inspirational, funny and sassy prints on the site and a whole range of different products to choose from but be prepared to be stuck on the site forever because there’s far too much to choose from … you’ve been warned.







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