L’Oreal Pure Clay Blemish Rescue Mask

Skincare is literally one of my favourite things when it comes to the beauty/self-maintenance world, hands down one of my ultimate dreams in life would be to have my own skincare range … dream big right?

I’m all about face masks, serums, moisturisers etc, you name it i’m there which makes me super excited to write this post because i’ve been trying out a new clay mask that I wanna tell you all about.

If you watch my youtube videos you’ll have probably seen me mention this product already so sorry if this is a bit repetitive but it just shows you how much I love it right? If you don’t watch my vids then get your butt over there … haha no i’m totally joking!

Usually when it comes to face masks I tend to reach for either a sheet mask or a peel off one because, not gonna lie I can never be bothered having to go to the bathroom and wash those other ones off … anyone else like this? However since using the L’oreal Blemish Rescue Mask i’m a completely changed woman, I actually look forward to taking it off my face and seeing the results, you’re all in shock I know.

I was completely in love with the product the first time I opened the jar because uhhmmm it’s blue first of all and your girl loves blue. There are also a few other colours that the mask comes in which tackle different skin problems like redness and brightness but I specifically picked the blue one because it targets pores and reduces blemishes which I am all about at the moment. I was starting to notice that my pores were looking really big for some reason, I didn’t even know this was a thing but I started to get a little … I wanna say self-conscious about them but I think maybe I was just very wary of them because I don’t think it’s something other people would pick up on.

To apply the mask I thought I would use a flat head foundation brush and kind of paint it on my face just on the usual areas like my nose, chin etc, so once i’ve done this I just leave it on my face for about 30 minutes to dry and while it’s working it’s magic i’ll just plod along, have a little sing and go about my business, of course in between I like to check on its progress which I find so fascinating because you can see all of the crap that’s on your face just come to the surface … like a rubber duck floating in a bath tub. After 30 mins i’ll just wet a muslin cloth with some warm water and wipe the mask from my face, instantly my skin just feels so refreshed, clean and it feels soft as hell let me tell you, not to mention my skin has this radiant glow that I am in love with!

I like to do the mask a minimum of twice a week just to keep on top of my skin and shrink those pores down even more if possible. If you guys have any recommendations of any other clay masks that you think I should give a go them please let me know in the comments.



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