Lounge Underwear

I’m gonna keep it real here, I just love me some sexy underwear! I mean there’s nothing better than feeling like you’re frickin Beyonce and looking like a million bucks. Now honest time, i’d never heard of Lounge Underwear until a few weeks ago when I watched Jordan Lipscomb’s video where she did a lingerie haul showing off some of their pieces … not gonna lie as soon as I saw their stuff I was like ‘right get me on that site pronto’.

I’ve never been one to splash the cash on lingerie, usually I buy my stuff from the likes of Primark, New Look and on occasion Ann Summers but guys, I couldn’t help myself because Lounge have some stu…ning sets and I knew my life would not be complete without something from their site (over exaggeration but you know).

So off my little sausage fingers went scrolling on their website trying to decide which little  number to buy when I came across a cheeky red balcony bra and thong that I just fell in love with, you know when you see something and think ‘that’s going to make me feel sexy and confident’, well that’s what I thought when I saw this. Now don’t get me wrong i’m not in the slightest bit confident when it comes to body image but this set literally screamed at me to buy it, so that’s exactly what I did.

Price wise the set was definitely more than what I usually spend on undies … it was £50, but like I said I’d never spent that amount on lingerie before and really wanted to treat myself and watching Jordan’s video the pieces she had looked like really good quality.

CHECKOUT COMPLETE! Oh I also used a 10% off code that Jordan had on her video so actually I think it totalled to £38 … erm thank you jords.

Fast forward to delivery day and obv I was eager to try on my new gorgeous set and hellooo, they are even better looking in person let me tell you. The bra and thong are both net material but have elasticated bands on them which just look sooooo good (insert fire emoji). The bra isn’t padded so it’s more like a bralette but I love it, honestly I do prefer bralettes more, I just find them so much more comfortable. Both items also have the word ‘LOUNGE’ embroided on the elastic which is cute as hell.

Now i’m not gonna lie when I did try the set on straight away I was critical of my body and started thinking things like ‘ugh my hips are so big’, ‘I need to lose weight before I wear this’ but i’m only human and well this is just what i’m like. After a while of trying to place the elasticated band on the thong all over my waist to see which way looked more flattering I was just like ‘what am I doing’ the lingerie was beautiful and I needed to stop being so harsh on myself … it’s a constant work in progress but i’m excited to take the set out for a spin and actually wear it, hopefully Martin will like it too 😉

Whether you want to treat yo’self to a sexy new bit of lingerie for yourself or your partner I really do recommend Lounge, if I had the dolla I would 100% buy so many more of their pieces because they are incredible. Oh and they also sell loungewear too so we all know where my next pay check is going … whoops.


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