The Body Shop Mango Range

Hey guys I hope you’re all having such a great week, what’ve you been up too? Let me know in the comments!

For today’s blog post I wanted to tell you all about a lil range from The Body Shop that honestly, i’ve been absolutely obsessed with, I mean I just can’t get enough. I’m sure you can tell from the title that i’m talking about some of their mango scented products and i’m just here to rave about them because … delicious.

So back in January, which by the way seems like a lifetime ago … how are we already in May? Back in Jan your girl turned 25, one of the gifts my sister and her girlfriend bought me were the Mango Body Butter and Hand Cream from The Body Shop. I can’t even remember the last time I used anything from The Body Shop which is nothing against them or anything I just don’t go in there but anywho once I opened the hand cream ohhh my lord, the smell is just insane, it literally smells exactly like mango and isn’t overpowering (to me anyway). I’ve only recently opened the Body Butter because I seem to have an abundance of moisturisers … i’m addicted what can I say, but the butter smells exactly the same as the hand cream and I probably go way overboard when applying it, you know how it is girls, you’re all showered, just shaved your entire body and you lather yourself in product and feel like a smooth, silky goddess.

Aside for the smell, another thing I love about both products is their consistency, if there’s one thing I hate about moisturisers and products is when you have to massage into the skin and they take agggges to soak in and leave you feeling all sticky and icky but the Body Shop products are so easy to apply and really quick to sink into your bod. The Body Butter is pretty thick which I actually like because I find a little bit goes a long way and i’m all about getting the most out of a product.

Not gonna lie i’m going to be super sad when the products run out so I think i’m 100% going to be finally stepping foot into The Body Shop after the longest time and picking some more up, I know they’ve also got other ranges like Strawberry so I might just have to take a cheeky look/smell and get myself a few more.



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