Obsession Makeup London

I love, love, love discovering new makeup let alone new brands so when I was in Boots (drugstore) the other day scouring for some new products for a video, I came across a brand i’d literally never heard of or seen before … introducing Obsession Makeup London.

Straight away I was hooked and kept circling back to their display continuing to look at their products, I was so intrigued and I mean i’m a nosey person so you know I was on a mission to find out everything I could about the brand, uhm hello cruelty free and Vegan, ya heard me!

So what did I pick up you ask, let me tell you … my little hands got hold of an eyeshadow palette, lip kit and brow promade. Review time, so what did I think?

I’ll rank them from fav to fail so my number one item was of course the eyeshadow palette, and for so many reasons. The marble casing is just so minimal but so unique I don’t think i’ve ever seen a palette with the same design and if i’m honest there are so many palettes that look alike it was kinda a breath of fresh air to come across Obsession’s. The names of the shadows, don’t even get me started, they are everything and more, seriously, they have names like MILF, HUSTLE, SWISH AND SAFEWORD … I am living for the sass! The shadows themselves are so beautiful, so all together you get 24 shades … no, you heard me correct 24! There are 12 matte shades, 9 shimmers and 3 marble effect type ones which blow my mind, the tone of the palette gives off more of a warm vibe with some stunning browns, oranges and burgundy shades, I mean it’s just me all over I love it! Pigmentation wise these are on point and up there with some of the best i’ve ever used and they blend so bloomin well I can’t even handle it, I just don’t have one bad word to say about this palette and could probably write a whole post on it in itself but to save you from boredom i’ll move on.

So the next product is the brow pomade, first of all I kinda, may have, possibly picked up the wrong shade and got a medium brown instead of dark brown but I mean, I do stupid stuff like this all the time so you’re probably not surprised. I’m gonna raise my hands up here and admit that I had never used a brow pomade until I dabbled with this … I know what you’re thinking but they kind of intimidated me a bit. Anywho, you get a little angled brush with the product which is so cute, what I learnt with this product is that a little definitely goes a long way, like all you need is a small amount on the brush and you can basically do the majority of your brow, I learnt this the hard way by picking up too much product and having the darkest brows you’ve ever seen! Overall, the shade is a little too light for me but I reckon I can pull it off … I think. I’ll definitely need to practice more with the pomade so if you ever see me out with slug brows, you know why.

Okay so the last product or products really is the lip kit now i’m just gonna come straight out with it and say that I am not a fan of this at all and I say that with such disappointment. I am such a fan of lip kits which is why I was so excited to try out the Obsession one, I picked up the kit in the shade Bootycall … the names honestly I just can’t! I went for Bootycall because the shade looked like a really nice purple toned nude which I actually really like and don’t have many of so thought I would add to my collection. The lip liner, where do I even start? Okay so when I was applying the liner it was actually quite uncomfortable because the tip was so sharp, I mean after i’ve used it a few time (if i do) i’m sure that’ll sort itself out but i’ve never felt something like that before when applying a liner, I would have liked for it to be a bit more blunt. The shade of the liner was actually quite a dark brown colour which straight away I thought was an odd match for the liquid lipstick, it was just far too dark but I thought i’d just wait and see what the finishing result was like. On to the liquid lipstick, the colour is stunning and I really do love it but ahhh the actually product was just a big let down, like I thought the colours just didn’t match at all and definitely didn’t look good what so ever, I tried to blend them together as much as possible which helped a little but it’s just thumbs down all around. I initially thought ‘oh well it’s fine i’ll just use the liquid lipstick on it’s own in future … nope, after I had it on my lips for a minute or so i could feel all the moisture just sucked from my lips, i’ve never experienced a lipstick so drying, again it was just uncomfortable and I mean that was after a few minutes so there’s no way you could leave it on all day, you’d have lips like the dessert.

So this has turned into the longest post ever but overall I absolutely love the eyeshadow palette so much and the pomade I can work with but the lip kit is just not for me unfortunately but i’ll definitely be trying out some more of the Obsession Makeup London products to see what else they’ve got going on.


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