Berber’s Treat Eucalyptus Gel & Giveaway

Hey guys I hope you’re all having the best week!

If you read my blog then you’ll know just how obsessed I am with skincare of any kind so when a company called Berber’s Treat reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in testing out their Moroccan Black Eucalyptus Gel you know I was buzzing with excitement. Now i’m gonna keep it real here, like always and say that i’d never heard of Berber’s Treat before so of course before accepting the offer I put on my lil cap and did some investigating into the brand.

Here’s what I found; the company only use natural ingredients which you know i’m there for because we don’t want any nasty chemicals on our skin … no thank you. Berber’s Treat do not test on animals and are eco warriors protecting our environment, I mean it’s a thumbs up from me.

As usual all my opinions are 100% honest and genuine because you guys know by now that if I don’t like a product I have no problem saying so, all seriousness aside let’s get into the review.

First impression of the Eucalyptus Gel was ‘I love this packaging’, the tub it comes in is so colourful and definitely represents the brands worldly and natural feel with the cute blue, green and yellow colours. The actual gel itself is quite a thick, greeny kind of of product that actually does look like something you’d find at the bottom of the sea which just emphasises their natural ingredient vibe.

The main reason I wanted to try out the gel is because it’s purpose is to wash out impurities and get rid of those dead skin cells off our body and just make us feel fresh and like we’re goddesses at a spa! Amazingly you can also use the Eucalyptus Gel to treat any clogged pores, eczema, psoriasis, dry skin and even oily skin so it’s definitely a product that anyone can use and not worry about reactions on your skin which for someone who has suffered with psoriasis and sensitive skin like myself is perfect.

Now, i’ve used this product in three different ways and each way has had various outcomes which i’ll share with you now. So the first way I used it you may find a lil gross and probably a little TMI but it’s what I did so ima tell you okay, I know i’m not alone when I say that from time to time I suffer with dry skin on the heels of my feet whether it’s from walking around all day in different weathers or strutting around in heels, the dry skin is there and it’s a pain to get rid off. When I was in the bath one day I decided to lather my feet with the gel and use an exfoliating glove (which by the way Berber’s Treat do have) to moisturise the product all into my feel and just have a good ole scrub at those heels, not gonna lie the first time I did this I didn’t really notice a difference but after two or three attempts I could see that my feet were so much smoother and softer and just looked a lot better which I was so happy about. The next way i’ve used the product was  just to drown myself in it and massage it all over my body, so arms, legs, the whole shabang, again using an exfoliating glove to help get rid of those dead cells. Now I wasn’t too keen on this method if i’m honest, my skin didn’t really feel soft or smooth but more sticky, I mean maybe that was my own fault by putting too much on or not exfoliating enough but yeah I wasn’t into it. However the last attempt at using the product was just to scoop it with my fingers and apply it to my face to resemble a face mask, little tip here, make sure your fingers are warm when applying as it just helps the gel glide onto your face better instead of gathering in clumps. As always when I have a face mask I just do my thing until it’s time to wash it off with some warm water and a cloth, I left this on for about ten minutes. The results you ask, well, first of all my face smelt sooo good and most importantly felt soft, refreshed and just clean which I loved, I mean there’s no better feeling than that after a good face mask.

Overall I wasn’t blown away by the product but I was really pleased with it’s results especially on my feet and face, such a weird combination I know! If you’re looking for a product and a brand with natural ingredients or if you’re prone to sensitive skin I would definitely give Berber’s Treat a try.

Oh and if you’re feeling lucky they have a giveaway on RIGHT NOW where you can win a bundle of their products so I’ll leave the link below for you to enter … good luck!!






2 thoughts on “Berber’s Treat Eucalyptus Gel & Giveaway

  1. Thanks for sharing! I love finding vegan and good for the environment products! Also this sounds great for my eczema

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