NYX Born To Glow

So you may know that i’m not the biggest highlight enthusiast, I dunno what it is about it but it’s not a step I tend to add in my beauty regime. Back in the day I used to dab a bit of highlight on the old cheekbones pretty much every day but I think I just wasn’t overly keen on it and somehow just stopped all together.

Put your alarm bells down though because i’ve done a complete 360 and am now all about the glow … I know i’m like a whole new woman!

Ladies and gents let me introduce to you the product that has changed my highlight game and got me shinning from ear to ear, please welcome the NYX Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator. Before this product i’d never dabbled with a liquid highlight, not gonna lie I was a lil bit intimidated by them and unsure on the best way to apply them but I mean we gotta conquer our fears and just do it, am I right?

The best way I like to apply the Born To Glow is to just pat three small dots along my cheekbones and blend them in with the warmth of my finger, I feel like this just gives you more control on where it blends and applies, I also like to wipe a small amount across my cupids bow and down my nose, again just using my finger, I don’t go too crazy ‘cos i’m just getting back into the swing of things.

Okay, on to the actual product itself, the consistency isn’t watery and doesn’t drip down your face which is one of the reasons I was a little scared of it initally, it’s pretty thick and firm and such a lovely pearl colour, like i’m slightly obsessed with the shade! In terms of blending, I would say a little goes along way so personally a few drops will do the trick as it blends really well and covers a lot of area with such a small amount of product, but I mean that’s just me so go wild if you want to guys i’m all for it. The finishing result is beyond amazing and for me to get this excited over a highlighter you know this shit’s good, I mean the Gods can see this glow. What I also love about the Born To Glow is that it’s not just a one trick pony, you can use this day or night and even build it up for a transition and it won’t cling to your foundation … in my experience anyway.

If you know any other highlighters/liquid illuminators I should try now i’m a fully formed enthusiast please leave me them in the comments 🙂


7 thoughts on “NYX Born To Glow

  1. I think this was my first ever highlighter that I used seriously and I loved it! It lasted me a long time until I came to Korea and had to buy highlighters from other brands. (Tony Moly makes a cute rainbow highlighter.) Thanks for sharing!

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