Let’s Talk: Life Updates

Hey you guys! I know, I know, where’ve I been the past few weeks? Well don’t worry i’m gonna update you all on what’s been happening in my life. First I just wanna start by saying i’m not writing this post because I feel obliged to explain my absence from blogging because I do feel like taking breaks when necessary is actually a really healthy thing for your mind, body and creativity, i’m writing this because my blog is a place where I can freely communicate to all you amazing people and myself things that I might be feeling, loving, hating etc and that’s exactly what i’m doing right now.

So anyway, disclaimer over, i’m gonna get the worst news out the way because I don’t really want to focus on it too much but it’s something that’s happened so i’m going to address it. Myself and my family recently said goodbye to my Uncle who was unfortunately diagnosed with Cancer and passed away, obviously during times like that your main focus is your family and trying to come to terms with things and I just wasn’t in the right headspace to be creating content for my platforms but I think now i’m ready and rearing to get back to what I love doing.

On to the good news, I passed my driving test!! I’m absolutely over the moon and didn’t actually think I would do it but here I am looking for cars and getting insurance quotes which, let me tell you is the biggest ball ache going, honestly the stress is real but I know it’ll all be worth it when i’m cruising around and not spending a fortune on taxis. I’m just so excited to be able to jump in my whip whenever I want and actually get to chauffeur Martin around for a change instead of him taking me all over the place, bless him!

The next little piece of loveliness that’s happened over the past few weeks is that my not so little sister had her end of secondary school prom which I got roped into doing her hair and makeup for, lemme tell you I dislike doing other people’s make up at the best of times let alone when they have an occasion to attend, so much pressure. Thankfully for me my sister is stunning so made my job easy peasy and she looked just beautiful. For make-up we went for a simple bronzed, nude look to compliment her rose gold dress and for hair she wanted a curled half up, half down do with a fish tail plait, I’ll leave a little picture below so you guys can see how lovely she looked.


And the final segment of ‘What’s Carolanne Been Up Too” is that I moved in with Martin, well Martin and his family haha, yes I know it’s a little weird but let me explain. I was practically living at his house anyway while still paying a hell of a lot of money for my flat so we thought it made sense that I move in and save my money so for one, I actually have money, two, we can go on holidays and three, so we have money for the future and for when we decide to actually get our own place. Now I know some people such as some of my family have their reservations about me moving in with him and his family but honestly i’m a smart girl (well sometimes) and know that if I didn’t feel like it would work, I wouldn’t go ahead with it, besides I know at least two of my friends who have done the same to save money for their wedding or a house so why are we any different. Sometimes people make it sound as though we’ve only been dating a short while and i’ve decided to do this on a whim but guys we’ve been together two and a half years, I don’t know why I feel the need to justify my choice I think i’m just defensive over it all but it’s a good thing and i’m happy so that’s all that matters right?

Anywho that’s about it for now, but like I said I just wanted to give you some insight into what’s been going on and I actually really enjoy just writing about my actual life rather than my usual beauty things so look out for some more chatty posts like this in the future!


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