Misfit Cosmetics Foot Detox Pads

You’ve probably seen reality stars all over social media peeling pads off their feet and revealing what can only be described as something from a swamp. After I watched Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan promoting the pads on Facebook I was sucked in right away … you know me, anything skincare/beauty related and i’m all aboard.

I clicked Holly’s promo link and was directed to a brand called Misfit Cosmetics, not gonna lie, never heard of them in my life but I was far too intrigued by these foot pads and knew I needed to give them a go. The pads were £5 for a pair with an extra pound for shipping which I thought was pretty reasonable overall.

So what are these random pads supposed to do I hear you ask, according to the Misfit website they’re meant to get rid of toxins in your body as well as getting rid of all the nasty grime on your feet leaving them silky soft … big talk from a pair of pads eyy! The pads are made up of all natural ingredients such as green tea, bamboo vinegar powder, Vitamin C and vegetable fibre, all sounds good to me.

Shipping took no time at all and I think my order arrived within three days which I think’s pretty fast, of course I was super eager to give them a go however you’re supposed to put them on at night for around 8-12 hours which meant waiting a bit longer to stick them on. Skip to bed time and I was ready to go, I stuck each pad on the soles of my feet and snuggled up ready to drift off, annoyingly the pads kept peeling off my feet so during the night I had to re-stick them on a few times until it got to 2am and I just thought ‘screw this’ so I stuck a pair of bed socks on top of them to help them stay in place which thankfully they did. Here’s the best part, peeling them off, so when I put the pads on they kind of looked like a tea bag, the middle of the pads where a greyish colour but when I took them off they had turned green and looked disgusting which i’m assuming is a good thing and is supposed to be the crap from your feet coming out?

Although it was really really satisfying seeing how grubby the pads looked and peeling them off i’m not entirely sure if they actually did anything, a few reviews have said that the pads helped some people have ‘the best sleep they’ve had in a long time’ but I spent most of the night having to re-stick the pads to my feet so I can’t really say they helped me in that department. However this might just be a coincidence but nearly every day i’ve been suffering from headaches which I just put down to the extreme heat we’re experiencing in the UK and myself maybe not drinking enough water but the day after the night I used the pads I didn’t get the slightest pain in my head so maybe there’s a chance the little swamp pads had something to do with it, I can’t be sure.

I’m thinking you probably have to use the pads a few days in a row to really see any changes or effects from them and if i’m honest i’d happily give them another go! Oh but let me just warn you they smell like BBQ when you peel them off, no word of a lie so just prepare yourself for that haha.

If anyone else has used the pads please let me know how your experience with them went because i’d love to know.



6 thoughts on “Misfit Cosmetics Foot Detox Pads

  1. You don’t need anything to help your body detox, your body does this naturally. The ‘detox’ items you buy are probably just using things to make a look like they work or it’s the placebo effective. I always check the evidence for these things that make these claims because there is no law preventing products from claiming they do things that they don’t. I don’t mean to criticise just hate people getting duped by these companies.

  2. Mine just peeled off continuously too and when I reported to misfit they said they hadn’t had any other complaints like this!!
    Didn’t feel any beniefit either. But have three more sets to go and socks at the ready!

  3. You cant detox through your feet , its a really old scam and anyone promoting them should be ashamed of themselves, ive been barred from Holly Hagans facebook for saying this .

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