Gookie Dough

We’ve all seen those bits in American films where all the girls are sat around at slumber parties, pouring out their hearts into bowls of cookie dough, right? Did anyone else have the same thought ‘that cookie dough looks delicious’, because … same!

I don’t know what it is about what’s essentially just eggs and flour but i’ve just always wanted to get my hands on it, and I know what you’re probably thinking ‘Carolanne, you can literally make it yourself’ and I know that but I always remember hearing ‘you should never eat raw cookie dough because it’ll make you sick’, you all heard this too yes?

So when I came across a brand called Gookie Dough on instagram who sell huge jars of EDIBLE cookie dough, I was probably more excited than I should have been. Not gonna lie I had screenshots of their products in my photo album for about three months before I actually decided to buy some, I had an internal argument with myself that I was wasting money. However August payday rolled around and the greedy, food obsessed part of me won the battle … sorry gym going, healthy eating Carolanne.

I decided to get the Funfetti Cake Batter and the Triple Chocolate Fudge jars of cookie dough both Monster Tubs (oh the shame). Delivery was honestly fantastic, it only took two days for my items to get to me which, for standard delivery is amazing I think.

Now for the taste testing, I tried a spoonful of each jar and omg, it was heaven. Over the past few days i’ve been picking at them here and there and I just can’t get enough, I have to stop myself from eating mouthful after mouthful, they just don’t get sickly or make you feel icky, you know how you can get after too much chocolate or cake? Although they’re both delicious, i’ve definitely got more of a craving for the Funfetti Cake Batter but that doesn’t mean I won’t polish off the Triple Chocolate Fudge either … I have a problem.


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