Wilkinson’s Kiss Light Reflecting Primer

No you haven’t read that wrong, it does say Wilkinson’s primer, I promise i’m not having you on, that’s right Wilkos, where you can buy anything from face wipes to garden gnomes.

Glad we got that cleared up!

For countless months. maybe even a year or so i’ve seen the Kiss Light Reflecting Primer on the shelves at Wilkos (if you’re not from the UK Wilkinson’s is a bit like Target) but for some reason I just never had the urge to buy it. Don’t get me wrong, the fact that the primer is a Wilkinson’s own product has nothing tot do with me not reaching for it because I literally swear by their own cleanser and toner … if you know, you know! I don’t really know why I never bought the product up until now, especially as it’s only £3.00 for a 30ml tube.

Anyway, the other day while in the shop I remembered that my trusty NYX Pore Filler was running out so thought i’d give the Kiss primer a shot and i’m so glad I did! First of all the packaging is absolutely adorable and just so up my street with it’s baby pink, white and black design. The actual product itself is also a baby pink colour and a cream consistency with a mattifying finish, and if you know me you know i’m all about that matte look.

I think nowadays in the beauty industry we no longer look down on those cheaper products and think ‘oh this is not going to work at all’ because we’ve seen so many insane products which can sometimes have better results than those high end items and at a fraction of the cost. I 100% didn’t go in with a negative attitude but I was genuinely so shocked at just how good this primer was, I swear not one ounce of my base make up moves when I have this primer underneath and i’m definitely convinced it makes me photograph better than before … light reflecting magic at it’s best i’m telling you!

I mean for £3 you honestly can’t go wrong and i’ve spent a lot more for far worse primers in the past so you know i’ll be re-purchasing this beauty again.





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