Mustard Cravings

That’s right you guessed it, i’m pregnant and totally craving mustard on everything … most definitely not! Sorry to disappoint guys but you won’t be seeing me with a baby anytime soon.

This post is completely fashion related, I just wanted to share with you all my new obsession for anything mustard coloured or yellow. Honestly the whole mustard range is kinda new to me, i’ve never really gone for clothes with that much colour, i’m much more of a black, grey, white sort of scheme … or should I say I was!

Since probably this summer I have just been in love with all things mustard related and I don’t know where it’s came from, is this what happens when you’re almost on the wrong side of 25? Anyway I thought I would just put a few pictures below of some of the mustard related items i’ve bought and been enjoying so much recently.

Please feel free to post some pics or send me links of any mustard coloured things you think I should add to my collection!





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