Let’s Talk: Life Update Part 2

Hey everyone, so I thought this week’s post would just be a little chatty one letting you all know where I am right now in life and what’s been going on since my last update post in July … I know, I can’t believe it’s been three months, where has the year gone?

I love doing these type of chats with you guys, mainly because I don’t have to think that hard but also because I love reading these kind of posts from other bloggers and find them rather therapeutic, is that weird?

So the first lil update I have is that i’ve just finished a six week course of sessions with a therapist/councillor to just tackle some issues I was having with anxiety and a few other things. I actually did sit down not long ago to try and write a full blog post on my anxiety, therapy and everything but it was just too difficult and I kinda got emotional so I knew I wasn’t ready to share all that with the world. I don’t think i’ll ever be ready to just pour all that out like some people have, which I find incredible.

This was actually the second time i’d gone to therapy, I went last year too and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with going again and again if you feel like it will help you and make you happier, I would 100% go a third time in the future if I needed too!

Anyway like I said i’m not gonna go into why I went but I did and I whole heartedly feel as though it’s helped me immensely and allowed me to learn more about myself and techniques to help me cope with anxiety and my emotions.

I decided to contact Insight for help, so I will leave their link below for anyone who would like to get in touch. Just know that there’s nothing wrong with seeking help and talking to someone!!


Update number two sort of comes hand in hand with what I was just talking about, so you all know I passed my driving test in July, well I got my car almost two months ago and let me tell you I was so anxious to drive on my own I can’t even explain, i’m talking ‘Fanny of the year award goes to Carolanne Davies.’

Joking aside, the most anxiety i’ve ever experienced in my life was all because of driving, i’m not gonna go into detail like I said above but I just wanted to tell you guys because I feel like i’m slowly but surely getting more and more confident each day, I mean the number of stalls has decreased dramatically so that’s something.

I’m actually really proud of myself, and I know some of you might be like ‘it’s just driving’ but we’ve all got our Everests right? I mean I still get anxious if I have to drive in rush hour or go somewhere I don’t know but I know it’s gonna take time and I WILL get there … you can catch me in the next Fast & Furious film.

Finally, I mentioned in my last update post that I had moved in with Martin and his parents so I could stop paying rent on my flat and save up for our future, well I thought I would just share with you all how that’s going *slash vent, cough cough.*

Let me put it out there that I appreciate so so much that Martin’s parents have allowed me to live in their house, honestly it means the world and being able to put savings away each month feels so good, not to mention his parents are the nicest people. But i’m not going to pretend like it’s the easiest thing in the world especially as since the week I actually moved in Martin has been working away and can only come home on the weekends … I know, i’m living in my boyfriend’s house and he’s not even here. People have asked me ‘is it not awkward with him not being there?’ and tbh it’s really not, like I said his mam and dad are lovely and make me feel so welcome, but there are some downfalls to the whole situation. Things like, not being able to do your washing when you want because someone else might be using the machine, which also links in with other people waiting for your washing to finish and taking it out, I really hate the idea of other people handling my thongs, erm no thank you! Other people eating your food and using your things, now please don’t take this the wrong way, I am not a selfish person in the slightest and I will share anything I have but when your food is disappearing and your shampoo has gone when you’ve only used it twice then it starts to get irritating, do you know what I mean? There’s a few more things I could list but I don’t want to come across as bitchy and unappreciative at all, just call me a teapot ‘cos i’m letting of some steam. It’s a weird arrangement but i’ll update you guys in a few more month on how it’s going.

So, that’s about it at the moment I think, it’s been so nice to just jot everything down and sort of have a conversation with you all. Let me know what’s been going on with you and if you’re going through any similar situations.

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