Manchester Weekend

I think i’ve mentioned that Martin (my bf for those of you who don’t know) has been working away the last couple of months, right now he’s placed in Manchester which is only two and a half hours away … thank the lord! So we decided that last weekend I would go see him for a change as he usually travels home, not to mention he actually had to work that weekend so it kinda made sense for me to go if I wanted to see him, which of course I did!!

Let me start off with getting to Manchester, so if you read my last post you’ll know I spoke about suffering with anxiety and a lot of that was surrounding driving, well guess who only went and bloody drove all the way to Manchester … ya girl! I know, i’m honestly so proud of myself, I mean my leg was shaking for the first hour and i’ve never concentrated so much in my life but I DID IT! I got stuck in some god awful traffic on the way there which made me want to cry a little but it was all fine in the end and I made it their in one piece.

Martin hired an Airbnb for the weekend … hired, is that the right word? You know what I mean though yeah? Anyway the Airbnb was a whole house which had just been renovated and had so much character and colour although it did have a scary as hell basement where I imagined The Bent Neck Lady living down there … if you’ve watched Haunting of Hill House you’ll feel me! I arrived before Martin as he was still at work so got the chance to have a look around and have a lil nosey about, not down the basement though!

Now i’ve actually never had the chance to go into Manchester before, not on a night out or a shopping trip so I was so excited to explore somewhere new and make some new memories with my best friend. I’m not gonna bore you with a minute by minute description of what we got up to so i’ll keep it brief, just know that on our first night we broke the bed …. no, not because of that reason, I swear you’re all filth haha it was down to some shoddy DIY skills but luckily Martin can fix anything.

Our first night, Saturday night we decided to dress up, something we don’t really get to do often and have a lil date night in the city centre. First stop was a vegan restaurant called V-Rev that Martin had found, I always think it’s great that big cities like Manchester have so many vegan options as we find it so hard to eat out at home because there arn’t any places to go, this is why we end up ordering Pizza Hut or Dominoes every weekend, we’re terrible honestly.  Anyway food was delicious and I decided to indulge in a cocktail while there to get into the date night spirit, after food we went for a walk around the city centre to find a place for a couple of drinks that wasn’t too clubby, we walked around for about an hour, like typical tourists didn’t have a clue where we were going and literally walked in a complete circle at one point. Despite being freezing, I really really loved our little exploration, Manchester is honestly so beautiful, especially at night and just so interesting to look at, I mean they go all out for Halloween with inflatable monsters on top of buildings and pumpkins in trees, it was amazing and tbh wasn’t as busy as I was expecting! In the end we settled on Yates where we had a few drinks and just had the best time, as Martin was at work in the morning we got an Uber back to the Airbnb around 10ish.

Skip to Sunday and Martin had left early for work unfortunately so I decided to chill out and have myself a bath which was very short lived as my two sisters were also in Manchester that weekend seeing 5SOS so we decided to meet up for breakfast, I mean you just can’t escape family can you haha! Obviously pancakes were a must with a coffee or two and I walked my sisters back to the bus station where their coach was already loading so waved bon voyage. So here I am Carolanne the explorer with a couple hours to kill and of course was pulled in the direction of the nearest Primark where I shamelessly bought a few things … in my defence they’re for our upcoming holiday so that’s my excuse anyway! Now i’m not one of these people that enjoys their own company for a long period of time but I actually had a great time just wondering around, even came across some dancing skeletons and ghosts on stilts and it’s not everyday you can say that. To cut the day short I cooked myself and Martin some tea and we had a lovely night together, there was actually no tv at the Airbnb which surprisingly was a nice change, it just gave us the chance to goof around.

Monday morning Martin was back at work so we said our goodbyes as I was driving home too, it always makes me sad when we have to leave each other but it was such an amazing weekend and I couldn’t have spent it with a better person … disgustingly soppy I know, but i’m not even sorry haha. If you’ve never been to Manchester or just fancy a weekend break if you’re in the UK, then I definitely recommend visiting, it has so much to offer and it so beautiful, I would 100% go back in a heart beat.




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