Vietnam Part 3

Hello everyone I hope you’re all having a lovely week! So here we are, my third and final Vietnam post. I’m so sad we’re almost at the end because i’ve absolutely loved reminiscing about my travels in what has definitely been my favourite country to visit so far!

Let’s get into the final three places we explored on our adventure.



The lantern city is one of the most beautiful places in Vietnam, theres a whole quarter with streets filled with luminous lanterns, I was blown away when I first laid my eyes on them. On our first night we went for a walk through all of the stunning lanterns and down a river which was full of boats and candles in the water, what we learnt was that you paid to get on the boat where you were taken up and down the river then given a candle in a paper basket to put in the river where you made a wish … it was all very romantic so of course we had to do it! On one side of the river is a whole strip of restaurants and bars where we had tea in a lovely Italian place and ice cream that was made right in front of you, I had to stop myself getting a dessert in the restaurant because I really wanted this ice cream … the struggle ya know!

Hoi An is known for tailoring and literally everyone you meet in Vietnam will tell you to get something made there because it’s so cheap and you can basically ask for anything and they can do it. We settled on a tailor next door to our hotel and the two women in there were so lovely and welcoming, they offered us a bottle of water every time we went in and made sure we were cool enough because Hoi An was hot hot hot! The process to get something tailored takes a while because they want to make sure all the measurements are right and that you’re happy, so over the course of three days we went in the shop maybe twice a day for alterations and quick chats about colours and fabrics. The final results are so worth it though, Martin got an insane suit and coat which might I say he looks extremely handsome in and I got a beautiful dress … now we just need an occasion to wear them.

The main activity we did while in Hoi An was travel the Hai Van Pass, by motorbike of course, you might have seen it on the Top Gear Vietnam special. This was such a fantastic day, the weather was amazing and we saw some of the most wonderful sights i’ve ever seen, I wish I could articulate it better and explain how amazing it was but words just don’t do it justice, like most things in Vietnam. We ended up at an Elephant Springs where an old, Vietnamese lady tried to get money out of us for leading us to the springs and Martin almost drown because the current was so strong but apart from that it was loads of fun.

                                                      Where we stayed  – Thanh Van Hotel  and Sunflower Hostel 

Things to do – Hai Van Pass 

                                          – Get something tailored 

                                 – Visit the lanterns 

Duration of stay – three days

Weather – Hot




Right, let me start by saying getting to Mui Ne was an absolute ball ache, we had to get an overnight bus for 10 hours, stop at a bus station (if you can call it that) from 6am-8:30am and then get another bus for 4 hours, poor Martin felt really sick so we even got off the bus before our stop so he could get some fresh/humid air. However saying that I bloody loved Mui Ne, it was the first place on the whole trip where we felt like we could relax and that we were actually on holiday. We booked our hotel on the second bus and when we got there we’d be given a free upgrade to a deluex room which was so kind of the hotel, our room was amazing! Not gonna lie the majority of our time in Mui Ne we spent eating, the food at the restaurant/bar attached to the hotel was so good and so cheap, we got kinda greedy here and started having two meals every time we ate … I know absolute pigs.

This was the first time in almost two and half weeks that we’d been to a beach but we needed to, it was super hot and humid in Mui Ne so the breeze on the beach was just what we needed and the water felt so good … apart from when we were jumping waves and I got slammed under several times, Martin thought it was hilarious … I did not haha. We enjoyed the relaxation in Mui Ne so much that we decided to extend our stay there a little longer, it was absolute bliss.

We still wanted to explore the area so decided to put down the forks and book a trip, we had to meet up at 4am with a group so we could watch the sunrise over the sand dunes. I mean yes we were tired but it was well worth it after watching the sunrise with my best friend and getting to ride a quad bike up and down the dunes. On the same trip we also visited a fishing village and something called a fairy stream which was very misleading as I saw no fairies.

Where we stayed – Mui Ne Hills Budget Hotel

Things to do – Sunrise Sand Dunes Tour

                            – Go to the beach/watersports

Duration of stay – Three days

Weather – Very hot




Our final stop on our Vietnam adventure was Ho Chi Minh, formally known as Saigon. The biggest and most populated city in Vietnam and you can tell, once again it’s overflown with motorbikes but honestly I kinda missed the hustle and bustle, strange I know. The first morning in Ho Chi Minh we wandered for some breakfast and ended up at this extraordinary bakery/cafe, we ended up sitting next to a window which looked into a station where two men were decorating what can only be described as the most delicious cakes i’ve ever seen, we ate our food and listened to the Christmas songs they were playing in the shop next thing you know three hours had passed … I don’t know how we were obviously so fascinated with watching these cakes but I had the best time and loved every moment in that shop.

We decided to book a trip and visit the Cu Chi Tunnels which was so informative about the Vietnam War and Martin even crawled on his hands and knees through one of the tunnels … I did not, that’s literally one of my worst nightmares. Even if you don’t do small spaces like me I would definitely still recommend you go as the tunnel is literally 5 minutes out of two hours, I initially wasn’t going to go on the trip because I thought it all consisted of crawling through tunnels but I’m so glad I did, I even had a go shooting a AK-47 which was cool.

On our last day we went to the War Museum, now let me prepare you, you will 100% get emotional here, there’s real life photographs which will move you and disgust you but afterwards you just have a whole other outlook on life and that the problems you might have back home don’t seem that big anymore. After the museum we needed a little pick me up so grabbed an iced coffee and decided to go shopping at an indoor market where we picked up some fab bargains, lil tip ALWAYS HAGGLE, Martin is literally the haggling king, I got so much new gym wear and a new bag, we even had to buy a new suitcase to fit everything in but we were only there once so needed to make the most of it.

Where we stayed – Anh Minh Hotel

Things to do – Cu Chi Tunnels

                                          – War Remnants Museum 

                       – Night Market 

                          – Indoor Market

Duration of stay – Three days

Weather – warm, humid, sunny


There we have it, the final section of my trip to Vietnam. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading these and like I said before I’ve tried to keep them relatively short so if you’d like any more info about the places we went or have any questions then please just leave a comment. Also if you’ve been to Vietnam i’d love to hear your experiences too! Vietnam was truly the best place i’ve ever been and I will most definitely return in the future, until then maybe Thailand or Cambodia is next!


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    • Hi and it was around $10 USD per person and we booked it through our hotel called Mui Ne Hills Backpackers Hotel 😊 I’m so excited for you to go in June you’ll honestly have the best time!

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