My Experience With Shein

Hey everyone, so today I thought I would stray away from those lifestyle, chatty posts i’ve been doing lately and sit down with you all and give you some info on my experience shopping with Shein.

So if you haven’t heard of the brand, basically it’s just another online shopping site where the clothes happen to be really cheap … bit suspicious I know, anytime you put the word ‘cheap’ with fashion, you automatically think the quality is going to be terrible, right? We’ll that’s exactly what I thought and one of the reasons why I never really bought anything from Shein until recently.

I remember seeing a few videos on Youtube last year titled ‘I spent £200 on Shein’ or something along those lines, anyway while looking for work clothes the name just popped into my head so I thought, why don’t I just have a look on the website and see what they’ve got. My first impression was, ‘wow, these guys actually have some really cool and different designs’, sometimes you get pretty sick of looking on the same clothing sites and seeing exactly the same cycle shorts and crops, you know what I mean? I put a few things in my basket but me being me, the lovely cloud of doom that I am sometimes, thought ‘what if I buy all these and the quality is rubbish?’ … i’d heard mixed reviews. So Martin, being the practical guy he is suggested just picking three items and see how they turn out, you would think I would be able to come up with such a simple solution, evidently not!

Anyway, fast forward about a week which is pretty decent delivery in my opinion, my items arrived and honestly I was chuffed with the first order, sizing was great, everything was in perfect condition and looked amazing, I couldn’t fault a single item. In fact I think I was surprised at how good the materials actually felt considering the prices were cheaper than your average online shop.

So after my successful first order and skip to the next pay day, I decided to make a larger order, after spending hours on the site … not even exaggerating, they really do have some incredible designs, my order was complete. In just under a week, my order was here and I was so bloomin excited, let me tell you. Okay so, truth time … out of about 9 items there were probably only two that i’m going to send back, a top for work because the arms are just too damn itchy and a jumpsuit because it’s made for the BFG, no word of a lie. The rest of the stuff was fab, I got some more work bits and bobs, some hella cute pj’s and a few lil crop tops i’d never seen around before. All in all i’m impressed, I think any website you order from is always going to have a few items that just don’t make the cut, I mean i’ve ordered things from PLT before that have came with rips in and have been double the price that I paid on Shein.

One good thing that I will say about the site is that other shoppers post reviews and photos of items they’ve bought so you can see if you wanna buy them too, I found this super helpful when I was a bit iffy about a few items. Oh and i’m a UK size 10 and order Mediums, the sizing options on some items does go up in numbers but majority is S, M, L etc.

I’ll leave a few pics of some of the items i’ve bought, so let me know what you think and if you’ve shopped on Shein, let me know how you found it!60147869_419066775539748_4978266150065405952_n



One thought on “My Experience With Shein

  1. Oooh so pleased you did this one Carolanne. I see them in my Facebook timeline all the time and thought they had some gorgeous stuff for me and also for my little girl, but was quite suspicious. I will have a look and see…

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