Why I’m Finally Embracing My Natural Hair

From about the age of 13/14 i’ve straightened my hair, it started off with just my fringe … cool I know and then I wanted my entire wig to be sleek and straight. My natural hair is curly and I don’t mean like waves here and there, I mean full on original, ginger Annie curls … if you know, you know!

I literally HATED my hair, the amount of times i’ve looked at another girls hair and wished I had hair like theirs is unmeasurable, believe me, hair envy is real. I remember being little and grown ups would be like “you have such beautiful hair” and “look at those curls” but all I wanted was to have straight hair. I got my mam to straighten it with the iron when I was about 16, yes the iron, i’m old now okay this was ten years ago.

I used to hate my hair so much that if I was on holiday I would try and avoid going in the pool incase my hair got wet and became curly, I mean how ridiculous does that sound! I think one of the things that would make me avoid showing my natural hair would be that I would think everyone would look at me if it was natural and maybe think it was ugly or horrible … I don’t really know why I thought this but honestly you don’t see that many people walking around with curly hair, at least I don’t anyway so I guess this made me think others would react a certain way if they saw mine.

It all sounds so stupid but this is how an insecure mind works.

There are a few reasons why i’ve started to try and work with my natural curls, the main reason being my boyfriend Martin, honestly this boy is the sweetest angel. It always worried me being in relationships and having my partner see my natural hair for the first time, again I would think they would look at it and thinks it’s messy and horrible, of course this was all in my head because no one really cares. Martin has done nothing but encourage me to embrace my natural hair, and tells me every time I wash it how beautiful it is, how he loves it and how I should love it too because it’s part of who I am. One day his words just stuck with me and I started to think about when I have children and if they have curly hair, would I want to encourage them to love their true self … of course I would, but how can I do that when I can’t do it myself.

Another reason i’m starting to feel more curl confident is simply just seeing other women with natural curls flaunt theirs, like I said before I never used to see many women walking around with curly hair so I felt like mine were weird. Two women who’ve really inspired me are Rochelle Humes and Modern Families Sarah Hyland, both of these ladies have posted multiple photos of themselves with their natural, curly hair and made public appearances. It’s so crazy how just seeing other people like you can really boost your confidence and help you embrace who you are, it’s not like i’ve ever spoken to either of these ladies, I mean one can wish but just seeing them on Tv or social media has such a positive impact.

I mean it’s only been about two weeks since I last straightened my hair and i’m not saying i’m never going to again but when I do it’ll be because I fancy a change, not because I feel like I have too. I’m also excited to see how the condition of my hair changes without using heat on it, hopefully for the better.

I’d also love some tips of styling and products so if any curly haired ladies are reading this, please send me your recommendations.



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