Thailand Part One

Hello everyone, so after my let’s face it, pretty deep first post of 2020, I wanted to turn this frown upside down and write about something which is exciting and makes me super happy. In November 2019, Martin and myself decided to continue our little travelling holidays, if you’ve been a reader of my blog for a while you’ll know we went to Vietnam in 2018, I wrote a couple of posts on our time there which I will link in this sentence. Anyway for our next trip we continued the South East Asia theme and went to … THAILAND! I know right, I can’t even believe we actually did it either. Of course I wanted to share our time there with you so I thought I would compile a few posts about our little adventure.

Like Vietnam, we had three weeks to travel and after some planning and research we decided that starting and finishing our trip in Bangkok seemed like the best option. Flights were around £500 each, which we actually thought was pretty reasonable as we expected them to be more, oh we booked with Oman Air who neither of us had ever flown with before so we were a little sceptical but life’s all about the risk right? Jokes, I did some research on Trip Advisor, can’t be hopping on a plane I know nothing about now can I? We also did a lot of research on the weather over there and decided November would be a good time as the rainy season is over but the crazy hot weather doesn’t come until January, and you know your girls curly hair would not withhold that heat!

For money we decided to get $100 USD for Muscat airport which is where we would be transferring going there and coming back, we knew dollars would be accepted there so we’d be good for a cheeky McDonald’s. For our actual spending money we converted £200 which got us 6800 Thai Baht, for the rest we got one of those Post Office travel cards because the ATMs charge a whole lot when you use your bank cards out there.

Wow I feel like I’ve wrote so much already but I just wanna give you guys as much info as possible in case you’re thinking of going here at any point, if I can help a little then I’m happy because I know how stressful planning a trip like this can be!


Okay so the good stuff, we landed in Bangkok and one of the first things we did was get a SIM card for Martin’s phone, (mine isn’t unlocked) having a SIM is a must because you’re definitely going to need 4G for Google Maps at some point believe me! After what seemed like a while of figuring out how we were going to get a taxi we finally met a couple who told us to use the app Grab, we had actually used this in Vietnam once but totally forgot about it … Duh. Anywho we made it to our first hostel at around 10pm and I don’t want to say it was a shit hole but … it was a shit hole! We booked a room which had a double and a single bed because that was all that was left and for our two night stay there, we both slept in the single bed because there was a hole above the double which had damp patches and residue had fallen onto the sheets and made them dirty, oh and there was also something on the cover which we’re pretty sure was rat poo. I know it sounds disgusting but honestly we laugh about it and things like this I think make your trip so memorable!

So after a cramped sleep in the single bed which was actually pretty comfy, we went for a walk exploring, and ended up at a mall which had so many floors I can’t tell you! We didn’t shop because let’s face it, we’ve got one bag pack between us for our trip so we can not be overloading on the first day. We did have some food at a place called Pepper Lunch, which turned out to be the place where Martin had his favourite meal of the whole trip.

Onto more exploring we got our first Tuk Tuk, which is a bit like a taxi but they’re honestly insane, I don’t even know how to explain one to you, please just google them! I will tell you that our Tuk Tuk had flashing lights and was belting out some absolute tunes, mad. We went to see a monument called Giant Swing and there was a temple right next to it but neither of us were dressed appropriately as we had shorts on and I had a crop top I think (to be respectful when visiting temples you MUST have shoulders and legs covered, especially women).

Khao San Road was our next stop which is like the party street of Bangkok, there’s bars and restaurants everywhere, this is where we almost got roped into a Tuk Tuk drivers little scheme who told us he would take us to some landmarks for only 10 Baht which is really cheap, he said we would go to a Temple where we would be allowed in dressed as we were, to a Tourist Info Centre so we could plan our trip better and then back to Khao San, sounds good. Got to the temple, it was beautiful, had a huge golden Buddha, we were happy, now onto the Tourist Info Centre, which was really a small shop on a street corner that we soon realised was some type of travel agents and they wanted us to pay almost £2000 so they could book us accommodation and travel for the rest of our trip … I know! After half an hour of telling these two women we would ‘come back tomorrow’ we finally left and couldn’t believe it, then our Tuk Tuk driver who was very chatty on the way over here, literally did not say a word to us on the way back to Khao San, we guessed he must be bummed because he didn’t get what would have been commission from our two grand. To top it off the cheeky bugger didn’t even drop us off on the road, we had to walk a few minutes … guess he was pissed. We just laughed it off because you expect these things to happen in countries like this, if you’re in a similar situation and you’re uncomfortable it’s okay to say no and walk away, don’t feel pressured into buying something or giving a chunk of your money to someone!

Should I keep going or should we leave this here because I feel like I’ve wrote so much, I don’t want you to get bored! Okay one more thing because this is good. So Martin got it in his head that he really wanted to go see a Ping Pong show which isn’t quite what you think, basically a woman fires ping pong balls from her vagina, yup! So off we went to a street called Soi Cowboy which basically has a bunch of strip clubs and bars down it. Not gonna lie the idea of my man ogling some naked women made me feel very uncomfortable and I almost didn’t do it but I’m so glad I did because we had so much fun. We went to a club called Suzie Wong, it’s free to get in, you just pay for a drink, naked thai women shuffle around (I wouldn’t call it dancing), and there were a lot of couples there too which made me feel better, then this women comes on stage, each couple is handed a balloon and then before you know it, little missy is shooting darts out of her ho ha and popping the balloons! Then some women who works there asks myself and Martin if we’ll buy shooting Suzie a shot, so we do, we’re then handed a ping pong bat … Martin only ends up having to bat ping pong balls that this woman is shooting out of her genitals, he’s smacking them all over the place, hitting people in the head and all sorts. Probably one of the weirdest experiences of my life but so worth it, I definitely recommend you go if you’re ever in Bangkok.

Okay so I’ll leave it here for now because I’ve practically wrote a novel, apologies! I hope you enjoyed this first post and come back for part two.

Where we stayed – The Little Pig Sukhumvit

Things to do – Giant Swing, Big Buddha, Khoa San Road, Soi Cowboy, ride the Skytrain, Terminal 21, Siam Mall, Tuk Tuk’s

Duration of Stay – 2 days

Weather – Humid, Hot, Rain