Thailand Part Three

Here we are again, right back at it with another Thailand post! I think this could be the last one in the series although don’t hold me too it because we know when I start rambling I don’t stop.

If you haven’t caught up with post one or two then don’t worry because I’ll link them in this sentence.

So I know you’re all wondering where we ended up after the wonderful Chiang Mai well, it was off to the Islands for these two explorers.


Not gonna lie, getting from Chiang Mai to Koh Samui was probably one of the most expensive aspects of the trip in terms of travelling as we had to get a flight, ferry and a taxi to our hotel, but the alternative was travelling a whole ass day and some more on a bus and Martin was definitely not up for that.

Things kind of slowed down once we were on the island, this was the first time we were just going to relax and everything wasn’t all systems go to finding something to do or explore, we were on the beach and wanted to enjoy it!

Our hotel was amazing, it wasn’t even a hotel we got to stay in a gorgeous beach hut which was literally a two minute walk to the restaurant and beach, honestly what more could you want? Now I’m going to be totally honest with you, we didn’t really choose the best area to stay in (Choeng Mon), it was like a ghost town! We decided to take a little walk around the area to see what was going on and we just couldn’t believe how deserted it was, we probably saw a handful of people during our stay here and the majority of them where locals trying to get you in their restaurants or massage places. Regardless, we were still going to enjoy our time here so what better way to enjoy a nice, relaxing, beach holiday than go to the gym …yep, we did! Myself and Martin both try to go to the gym when we’re at home so after a week of eating like pigs we wanted to get our sweat on, luckily on the road with no people was a gym, and let me tell you working out in almost thirty degree heat with crappy fans is not the one, I felt disgusting afterwards but so glad we’d gone.

I wish I could tell you we did more on our first stay in Koh Samui but hanging out on the beach and going to the gym was pretty much it!

Oh little story time, our resort had kayaks so myself and Martin, more so Martin, thought we should get one, I’m not even in the thing yet and a wave comes and makes the kayak slam into my big toe, so guess whose toe starts bleeding, swells up the size of a sausage and is bruised for the remainder of the holiday … mine, nice one, of course I cried after this also!

Where we stayed – Kirati Beach Resort

Things to do – Beach, Gym, Big Buddha, hire a motorbike, massage.

Duration of stay – 2 days

Weather – Hot, rain, lightning



After another ferry, where I was hit with my first ever experience of sea sickness, we ended up on the next island which was Koh Phangan, we knew we were going to see a whole lotta people on this island because everyone was coming over for the Full Moon party which apparently takes place once a month. Let me tell you it was definitely worth the trip! The Full Moon party was insane, the whole beach front is transformed into one giant club, there’s bars and DJ’s everywhere, stalls selling buckets of alcohol (which get you extremely drunk may I add), food stalls and giant jump ropes that are on fire, we literally saw a girls shorts catch alight … it’s mental but a lot of fun! So naturally the next day was spent feeling sorry for ourselves and hungover, luckily our new beach hut was right on the front and the view was like none I had ever seen or will ever forget, the water was so still it was like glass, this will always be what I picture when I hear the word paradise.

We stayed at this hut for two nights and then decided to move a little closer to the party side of the island where we had been for the Full Moon, just because there were more shops and things over there plus Mr Motorbike needed his fix. Now having a means of transport we decided to go beach hopping and made a day of riding around the island going to a few different beaches, now this may sound relaxing but honestly we were so exhausted by the end of the day when we reached the last beach we just kinda looked at it and said “that’s nice” before going back but we had a great day sunbathing and exploring.

Like I said the islands are kind of where everything slows down and we really didn’t get up to anything too crazy, it was all about relaxing and exploring the island. Oh we did see a bunch of monkeys playing around on some electric cables as we were about to leave the island and omg I was so excited, they were the cutest things,of course I’m aware they can scratch your face and leave you with some type of disease, so even though we’d had out jabs we didn’t get too close.

Okay so I know I said this could be the last post but, yep you guessed it it’s not, I have one more left … I really thought I would get everything in this one but I ramble what can I say. Let me know what you guy’s think about these posts, am I boring you? I hope not!

Where we stayed – Kirati Beach Resort & Aquavana Haad Rin Resort

Things to do – Full Moon Party, Beach, Motorbike, Amsterdam Bar, Fucking Good Cafe

Duration of stay – 5 days

Weather – Warm, cool, humid, hot