Thailand Part Four

Okay, okay I know … how many more blog posts can you drag this out for Carolanne, but I promise this is definitely the last one! I’m hoping you guys have enjoyed hearing all about my trip though because I’ve absolutely loved writing all about it and hopefully will have gave some tips or recommendations if you’re thinking about going in the future.


The penultimate stop on our island hopping was Koh Tao, and I must say out of all three islands this was most definitely my favourite, it’s the smallest of the bunch but you know what they say about good things coming in little packages!

Similarly to the other islands we snapped up a bike and explored what Koh Tao had to offer, just driving around and seeing what we could find. Let me tell you there are so many view points which offer the most breath taking views, the best ones I would say are the Love Koh Tao and especially Mango Bay, the family that runs Mango Bay are the sweetest and the two children are bloody adorable, we stayed there for around three hours to watch the sunset and they made us feel so welcome … they also do the best iced coffee I’ve ever had! The viewpoints are definitely easier to get to by bike but if you’re not fazed by a decent hike then you’ll still be fine reaching them (rather you than me though).

One of the activities we did while on the island was snorkelling … omg I can’t even tell you how much of a wonderful experience this was! We went with a company called Oxygen who took us out on a three story boat, there were around thirty people in the group and everyone was so lovely and easy to talk too. The trip lasted the entire day and we had five stops where we could venture out in the sea and take a peak at what lied below the ocean, I saw some of the most stunning fish and creatures that I had never seen in my life, Martin even saw a little shark … I wasn’t game enough to go over. Now, I’m not confident when it comes to being in the sea, I like to stay as close to the shore as possible but we all had life jackets on and the next thing you know I’m in the middle of the ocean surrounded by blue waters and incredible sea life. I was actually really proud of myself for doing it! We also got a buffet on the boat which was delicious and the staff were incredible, they made you feel really at ease and the divers were very experienced, so you were in safe hands. If you’re in Koh Tao I would 100% recommend you do this because it’s an experience I will never, ever forget … ain’t gonna lie though you get absolutely exhausted by the end of the day swimming so far out and my ass was sunburnt to bits, no seriously it’s two months on and I still have the tan lines.

One of things we both really wanted to do in Thailand was go to a Lady Boy show and Koh Tao is where it happened, we were walking around the town one night and came across a show so we thought why the heck not, neither of us knew what to expect, I didn’t know whether it was going to be explicit or rude, didn’t have the foggiest. Let me tell you it was absolutely nothing like that, like the Ping Pong Show, entry was free and you just had to buy a drink and when a few more people started to show up, things got going. The performers were absolutely incredible, all they basically did was dance and mime along to music but my lord some of these ladies could dance, I was literally in awe thinking, why can’t I look as sexy as them! Hands down one of the best nights of our trip, there was a cheeky lap dance thrown in when a single lad got pulled on stage but he was loving it. I’ve just got to give it to these ladies, they were in the best shape and worked the stage so hard … I can’t wait for my next show.

If I could describe Koh Tao in two words it would be … simply amazing!

Where we stayed – Samatha Bed & Breakfast &Thalassa

Things to do – Snorkelling, Diving course, Lady Boy Show, Viewpoints, Massage, Motorbike

Weather – Hot, Sunny



Duration of Stay – 4 days.



I know what you’re thinking, Carolanne you’ve already told us about Koh Samui in part three, well the thing is we had to circle back so we could eventually make our way home. So if you may recall, we didn’t really rate Koh Samui the first time around so we decided to stay in a different part called Chaweng, this was kind of the party side of the island so there were definitely a lot more people than the first time we arrived.

Now the first hostel we stayed at was, okay but the room itself was very, very small … I’ll paint a picture, the bathroom sink was actually not in the bathroom, it was in the bedroom/main room and the walls were very thin, let’s just say I was kept awake by some young travellers hooking up in the room next door. We just decided to stay there the one night and then move on. Our time in Koh Samui the second time around was better than the first in terms of people and things to do, the strip we were on was very long and had a lot of shops, bars etc so we just spent our time there walking up and down, we didn’t really do anything too strenuous in terms of activities, to be honest we did feel like we were just killing time in some way, never the less of course we were still enjoying ourself and feeling so grateful that we were experiencing it together.

Where we stayed – Cheeky Monkey Koh Samui & City Dance Hotel

Things to do – Muay Thai show, Waterpark, Shopping


Weather – Rain, Hot, Sunny




Our final stop of the trip and we had come full circle back to Bangkok, at this point it was starting to sink in that we were going home soon, but we wanted to make the most out of the rest of our time here and see some things we didn’t get chance too the first time around.

We decided to book a hotel on Koh San Road, if you remember it from my first post you’ll know it’s the main party strip, I don’t know why we thought this was a good idea because honestly sat in our room you felt like you were in the middle of a club, the music was so freaking loud … if you stay here you definitely ain’t getting any sleep! I mean not that we’re old fogies or anything and want to be in bed by 10pm but you know, everyone needs there sleep eventually. We decided to go and join in with the fun that was going on outside so we went to a few bars and enjoyed what would be our final night out of the trip.

Because we were going to have to be up early on the day of our flight, we decided to move hotel, there was absolutely no way I would be able to function and cope with two, seven hour flights on zero sleep! For our final day in Thailand we decided to go to The Grand Palace which is where the King usually resides, Martin forgot about the respectable dress code and wore shorts so we ended up having to buy a pair of ‘basic bitch Thailand’ trousers … you know the ones I’m talking about! Luckily there are a few people outside the palace selling clothing out of bags for these types of emergencies. I however thought I was dressed appropriately, I wore a long dress to cover my knees and a shawl to cover my shoulders, unfortunately this didn’t seem to be enough and we were told shawls weren’t allowed so we were sent to a shop to buy a t-shirt … honestly I think this is just another way of them making money because if a Monk didn’t tell me to change in all of the temples I went in dressed the same then I think I should have been okay! The Grand Palace, although the buildings were beautiful, was probably one of my least favourite experiences of the trip (nothing will beat the quads though), the amount of people were ridiculous, you felt like you couldn’t move and sometimes couldn’t breathe, I really do feel like there was no concern for people’s well fare and it was just simply a way for them to collect a lot of money, I know that may sound harsh but it’s just how I felt. I will say the one good thing about the visit is that we got to see a Thai theatre performance which was amazing … silver linings and all.

For the evening Martin thought it would be a good idea to head to China Town, we kind of thought it would be a few shops and some Chinese restaurants, you know like the buffet types you get in London? Nope, this is definitely not what it was, the shops were more like stalls and the restaurants didn’t really have any food we found appealing, who doesn’t like shark fin? Although it was a little disappointing, it looked stunning with all the signs lit up, it was definitely an influencer’s paradise. After walking, what felt like miles to find some food, we ended up in Dominoes, this is so typical of us to find a Dominoes anywhere we go.

And that was kind of it for our last night, oh Martin decided to go on a solo adventure at midnight because he forgot to get his mam and Nanna a gift so I was laid in bed worrying sick but you know, it’s all in the fun right? He came back in the end!

Where we stayed – Khaosan Palace & Miramar Hotel

Things to do – Koh San Road, Shopping, The Grand Palace, China Town, Temples, Skytrain

Weather – Hot, humid, sunny



Duration of stay – 2 days


Well that’s it I’m afraid, as you’ve probably guessed if you’re read all my recent posts, I could probably talk about Thailand forever, it was such a wonderful place and we made some of the most amazing memories that I hope I never forget! I wonder where we’ll end up next.