Is OnlyFans Empowering Women?

So I’m sure you’ve all heard of the site that’s on almost everyone’s lips called OnlyFans? If you haven’t let me just fill you in, so basically the site describes itself as a way for content creators to interact with their followers who are willing to pay a bit of dolla for their posts/videos etc. Now on the OnlyFans site it says that anyone can join and post things like tutorials, selfies and anything else along those lines, however what it’s become notorious for is women and men uploading “nudes” and sort of explicit content to earn some coin when they get subscribers … are you still following?

Now there’s definitely been a bit of controversy about the site and how those who post on it are viewed, I’ve seen first hand on social media girls being called “whores” and “sluts” because they have an account, but let me just tell you, these girls are making some serious money and you know what … good for them! Why are people so concerned with what someone else is doing with their body? Women in particular have been sexually exploited for years and now they have control. Since the start of sexting and sending a nude photo to your partner or whoever, people have had to worry about their private photos being leaked, I mean there’s literally a law against revenge porn that was introduced in the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015 because of douchbags spreading their ex’s or whoever’s pictures online. But now those actually taking the pictures are the ones posting them and it’s suddenly a scandal and they should have more respect … please!

I reached out to Lenn Holmes, a user of Only Fans to see just how much being active on the app has changed her life for the better, here’s what she had to say: “I think it’s genuinely sad how many women vocally express how much they hate themselves and the way the look. That much hate directed towards yourself can be so damaging. Self-love is a tricky thing to master, especially when the majority of us are told we will never come close to meeting societies beauty standards, but to that I say screw it! Go out, pick out the sexiest lingerie set you lay your eyes on and show it off. Feeling free and beautiful in your own body is so empowering and for me personally, I’ve never felt this confident in my life. Stepping out of my comfort zone has been so inspiring and rewarding that I don’t think I could ever go back to the girl who hides behind an oversized hoodie and baggy jeans.”

Despite some negative views on the site and those who use it, OnlyFans has also had a very positive impact, a user of the site, known as the Naked Philanthropist raised over seven hundred thousand dollars for the Australian bushfires, just through her account, I mean the girl did admit her boyfriend dumped her and her family disowned her when they found out about her usage of the app, but I mean she raised a tonne of money that will help a country going through one of it’s worst disasters, how can you say anything bad about that?

Personally, although I wouldn’t have the balls to start an account myself, I think that giving women this platform to express themselves, whether it’s a topless shot or just a sexy pose in some lingerie is a power move and allowing them to feel free with their bodies while of course making that coin!