Mini Primark Haul

So the other day I had to pop into Aberdeen town centre to do some errands … I also just realised I haven’t even updated you guys on the fact that I actually live in Scotland now, I promise I’ll do a post on this soon! Anyway while I was in town I thought I would swing by Primark ‘cos I was on the hunt for a new bag, my current everyday one kind of snapped (that’s what you get for swinging it at your boyfriend … jokingly of course I ain’t no Amber Heard)

Anywho, while I was there I picked up a couple of things that I thought I would share, ain’t gonna lie I could have bought so much, but I’m literally broke right now so can’t be spending. Funnily enough I didn’t buy any items of clothing, it was kind of just bits and bobs that you’re probably not going to care about but imma tell you anyway …

First item is Mascara, I was absolutely desperate for a new one because my currents are literally almost gone and I’ve used a Primark one in the past which was amazing, so I thought I would test out another and see how it goes. The packaging kind of intrigued me too, I thought it looked pretty cool and i’m kind of excited to see what it does. Oh this was £2.50.

Okay, I admit hand gel is pretty boring and not something that I usually tend to buy, but with this Corona Virus outbreak going on I’ve been super paranoid about trying to avoid any unnecessary germs especially since I’ve had this annoying cough lately, the fact this smells amazing is a bonus too, I can’t stand hand gels that are overpowering with alcohol.

Of course there’s a face mask in here, you know I’m obsessed! I try to do a good sheet mask at least once a week, I realised when I was out that I didn’t have any left at home so was determined to pick one up. I think I’ve used a Primark face mask once in the past so it was about time I tested out a new one, can’t wait to have a pamper with this bad boy!

And finally the bag, originally what I went out for however I actually didn’t intend to pick up a bag pack style, after pacing around the bag section for a good half an hour I couldn’t quite find one that caught my eye. When I saw this one I thought, I haven’t had a bag pack since probably year 7 and I’ve been debating whether to try one for a while now so why not give it a go, I still haven’t moved my shit over from the old bag but I swear it’s on my list. This was £10.

That’s it guys, I know this was a super small haul, like I said there was so much more that I wanted to get but times are hard you feel me? If you’ve paid a little visit to Primark recently I’d love to hear some things you’ve picked up so make sure you let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Mini Primark Haul

  1. Aqua Lash is incredible honestly the best mascara for beach days and pool days I have to say! Also love the bag that’s so nice! I am trying so hard to not go into primark till next pay day but I may have to go just for that bag! haha x

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