Max & More Palette

If you’re from the UK then I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with a shop called Home Bargains, if you’re from anywhere else then I’ll give you a little summery, it’s basically heaven … no I’m joking but it is an amazing shop that sells literally everything you can think of at super cheap prices, their face mask range is amazing.

Anyway, recently I was doing a little shop there and was browsing their make up shelves when I came across a face palette, I’ve tried a few of the lip liners and lip sticks which have been great so thought I’d give it a go. The packaging look similar to a Makeup Revolution one, pretty simple and sleek with the bronze writing and the inside had everything you could think of for your face, blush, highlight, bronzer and powder, so you best believe I popped it in my basket, plus it was like £2 or something along those lines. Don’t get me wrong I don’t expect crazy pigment or durability from it but you never know these days, those cheap brands are really showing off.

I’d never heard of Max & More before but I’m all for trying new brands so was eager to play around with the palette and see how it performed. The powder section is actually labelled as foundation but I mean, it’s not, unless you’re at school and don’t want to wear something heavy, I really don’t think this would work as a foundation in the slightest but it definitely would as a powder to help set your base, that’s what I would use it for anyway. Now I’m a not a big fan of blush, I never use it because I just think it always looks weird on me for some reason, but for the purpose of testing out this palette I decided to give it a go and do you know what, I wasn’t mad, I placed a little bit of the lighter blush on the apples of my cheeks and just at the bottom of my cheek bone and it kinda looked okay, I dunno maybe there’s hope for this gal yet? There are three bronzers in the palette, two are more cool toned and dark while the other is pretty warm so what I decided to do was use one of the cool ones as a contour and just pop a bit of the warmer on top as an actual bronzer. As I kinda thought the pigment in these wasn’t the best but I mean we knew that from the start, the good news is that it’s buildable so you can work with it and the end result looks fine. My favourite part of the palette though would have to be the highlight, now you only get one but it’s my favourite kind and could be the twin of my Makeup Revolution Iconic Lights Palette, the silver/pink tone of the highlight is beautiful and surprisingly very pigmented, it’s the prize of the whole palette I swear. I would buy the whole thing just for the highlight!

Remembering that this product was only £2, I really can’t say bad things about it, if anything I came away surprised at how well it did. If you’re wanting to start trying out make up products I would definitely recommend this or even if you’re pretty familiar but just want something cheap, go for it. It would also be really handy for travelling giving the fact you’ve got like four products in one, so will definitely save some room in your make up bag. Mam’s out there, if your son or daughter is wanting to start experimenting with make up and you have a Home Bargains near by, why not get them this to have a play around with?

If you’ve found any cheap products that kinda surprised you I would love to hear about them in the comments!!