How We’re Finding Aberdeen

Heya loves, so as promised a few blog posts ago I thought I would write up something about our ‘kind of’ move to Aberdeen, just to let you all know why we’re here and what the crack is … if you’re interested anyway.

So just a lil background info for anyone who is new here, myself and my boyfriend come from the North-East of England, if you’ve heard of a parmo then you know where about’s that is. Martin’s job as an engineer has him working all over the place so for about two years we were doing the long distance thing and he was just coming home on weekends. Currently he’s placed in Aberdeen and has been here for a while now and is looking to be here for quite a few more months, so one day we were both like ‘why don’t I move to Aberdeen for a bit?” The TV station I worked for has a branch in Aberdeen and after talking to my editor at the time, she was up for me transferring. This would mean more time together during the week and taking the pressure off us to be together each weekend without feeling guilty if we wanted to do something else.

And now, here I am, writing this from our little, ‘temporary’ cottage in Scotland. Some of my friends and family have asked how I’m finding it and honestly … I love it! I think if it wasn’t so far away from home (it takes six hours to drive) then I would probably settle down here, but we’ve both agreed it’s just a bit too far for our family to come especially if we ever have kids. Our cottage is about a half an hour drive away from Aberdeen centre, in a little village called Colliston, it’s kind of in the middle of no where so we’re surrounded by gorgeous fields and lakes, it’s truly beautiful to wake up too.

In terms of things to do here, I guess we haven’t really explored too much just because Martin’s always working but we’ve been into the centre a few times for a meal or two and to go to the cinema, plus my office is in the centre so I’m slowly getting the hang of where shops and things are, Union Square is kind of the main outlet with restaurants and shops so it’s where we tend to go.

There’s a beach called Balmedie just a fifteen minute drive from us which is lovely, especially on a sunny day, although there are a lot of sand dunes so if you’re not prepared to get on your butt to climb down then try and avoid them, believe me. There are actually a few beaches around us, so if you’ve got a dog then this place is fab, the main beach in the centre is called Esplanade, and there’s tonnes to do along the front, we went to another cinema down there, had food and went in the arcades, honestly I felt like a child and it was amazing, if you’ve got children they would love it, or if you’re a fully grown adult like me, you’ll still love it too!

Another little town just a ten minute drive from us is called Ellon, that’s where we have our supermarket and gym, there’s also a few lovely little coffee shops that you can pop into, I mean it’s mainly for the older folk but it’s nice to just sit down and have a little hot chocolate or something. There’s also a few little fish shops that do these amazing macaroni pies, a foreign delicacy to me when we got here but they’re actually really nice … before you ask I haven’t tried any haggis and I don’t intend too (no offence if you like it) it’s just not my cup of tea.

To summarise Aberdeen has been fantastic so far, I’m not sure how long we’ll be here for but I’ve loved every minute so hope we get a few more months. We do travel home every other weekend, when Martin is off work which is great to catch up with friends and family so at the moment I have absolutely no complaints.

If you’re from Aberdeen or around the Ellon/Colliston area leave me some suggestions of other things we should see or get up too, I’d love to explore a bit more!

2 thoughts on “How We’re Finding Aberdeen

  1. I lived in Edinburgh for three years but never managed to visit Aberdeen. Would love to go back to Scotland to see more of it. Although with the recent coronavirus outbreak, looks like no one is going anywhere anytime soon. Hope things go back to normal. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

    • Hey sorry just saw the notification for your comment 🙈 oh wow Edinburgh is so beautiful! I hope you get to visit again once this all blows over 🤞🏻 thank you so much for your comment and I hope you’re well x

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