How I Style My Curly Hair

Hey guys, how are you all? Today I thought I would do a lil post sharing with you how I style my naturally curly hair. If you don’t know I only started embracing my natural hair about nine months ago, before that I straightened my lil mop, I wont go into the why and things, I wrote a post about it all a while ago so I’ll link that in within this sentence.

Honestly my styling is not long and its not particularly impressive but I wish I would have seen articles or whatever like this when I was younger about curly hair, because maybe I wouldn’t have hated it so much, so if sharing this encourages another naturally curly gal to brave her curls then I’m here for it.

Step 1

I literally just wet my hair in the shower, I don’t wash it every time though. I tend to wash my hair every four days because it’s naturally dry so that’s all it really needs, honestly if I didn’t go to the gym and get sweaty all up in my hair then I would probably leave it longer than that … don’t judge me. I might pop a little conditioner one day in between washes just to soften and detangle but that’s kind of it.

Step 2

After a lil towel dry i.e wrapping it up for a minute then unraveling it, I brush through my hair with a wide tooth comb, having a wide tooth first of all stops my curls from turning into Hagrid’s hair but it’s also so much more gentler than a regular brush or comb and wont rip out a bunch of ma hur.

Step 3

Heat protection people, i’ve always sworn by this, it’s probably why I still have hair left after all those years of straightening. After combing it through I spray a lil heat protection on the parts of my hair that i will be using a curler on a bit later, so my fringe and lil bits I have down by my ears. I’m not fussy about which heat protector I use just as long as it does the trick.

Step 4

I just let the wig dry naturally, I’ve tried to really reduce the amount of heat I use on my hair so I never blow dry it, besides for curly hair blow drying I find is not an option as it just opens up your curls and they become bushy … definitely not a look! Usually while my hair is drying I’ll do my make up or other little bits and bobs that getting ready involves.

Step 5

So I know we’re talking about styling natural hair but like I said I do go in with a curling wand on one or two areas like my fringe just so it frames my face better. Some days my natural fringe looks okay and other days it just doesn’t want to cooperate so curling it a little gives it that helping hand.

Step 6

My go to hair style is just a lil half up half down situation so I just take one of my many scrunchies (I’m obsessed) and shot the top half of my hair in a pony. I usually pull out the sides of the pony a little just to loosen it up so it doesn’t look too tight or scraped back on my head.

Step 7

And the final step in this lil hair tutorial is just to grab some smoothening serum, just a pea sized amount and distribute it throughout my hair, just combing it through using my fingers, doing this gently of course so we don’t get rid of any curls. This step just takes a little of the frizz away but lets face it with curly hair, there’s always frizz!

And that’s kind of it, none of the steps are super long, they take a few minutes if that! So I hope this helps any of my naturally curly haired ladies out there and if you have any tips for me I would absolutely love to hear them to make my curly hair even better!!

2 thoughts on “How I Style My Curly Hair

  1. Nice post, curly hair really is pretty! I actually posted about learning to embrace my curly hair a couple of weeks ago and I’m trying to get it back to the thick and healthy state it used to be in!

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