Supporting Small Online Business

Hey everyone, so with everything that’s going on in this crazy world at the moment I came up with an idea to write a lil post about some of the small businesses I’m really fond of that I came across online, mostly through Twitter.

I thought it might be a nice idea to show my support for them as I know a lot of people are struggling financially with this self isolation process, I’m not saying these businesses in particular are struggling because I have no idea but never the less I just wanted to share with you guys some of the hard working people I see on my timeline.

Alyssa D. Silos

I came across Alyssa’s twitter when someone re-tweeted one of her photos, I’m gonna be 100% here, this woman is bloody gorgeous … seriously! I really loved her aesthetic and feed so immediately followed her, then realised she was an artist and started looking at some of her pieces which are stunning, you can really see how much hard work Alyssa puts into every item. Alyssa also sells self defence kits with her own art work on them, if that isn’t bad ass then I don’t know what is!

I’ve linked her twitter to her name at the top so go check her out.

Scrunchie Queen

So I actually don’t know this girl’s real name as she goes by Scrunchie Queen on Twitter but oh my god, the things she can do with a sowing machine are insane! If you know me then you’ll know I love a good scrunchie, I literally wear one every single day … they compliment my natural curly hair ya know?

I’ve never seen someone so inventive, she puts so many little items inside scrunchies which make them so unique, I guarantee no one you know will have a scrunchie like it! You name it rubber ducks, flowers, little pom poms this amazing gal can make it. I haven’t bought any from her yet, cos your girl is a little broke at the moment but you best believe as soon as I can I’ll be getting my hands on a few.

If you follow any other businesses like this online that you think I should take a look at then please let me know because I would love to show my support, especially though this weird and difficult time!

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