Just Checking In

Heyy guys, so I thought I would make this blog post a lil chatty, life update one and just let you know how I’m doing with the whole lockdown situation we got going on here. Ain’t gonna lie, kind of only doing this post because I’m really lacking inspiration at the moment on what to write … anyone else having trouble getting motivated?

In general I’m good, I’m healthy and all my family are healthy, which is of course the most important thing and I’m really grateful for that. Since I’m back living at Martin’s parents house, I’m obviously not seeing my family so group FaceTime and WhatsApp’s are occurring, even though they’re hectic and you can’t hear yourself think, I’ve really enjoyed being able to speak to everyone at the same time, kinda glad we’re all not self isolating together though ‘cos I think we’d all go mad!

Although I’m overall finding everything okay, I’m in good spirits and have things to do, like everyone going through this I’ve definitely had my moments where I feel down or want to go off at people. Moving back in with Martin’s parents has been a bit of an adjustment, I was so used to having my independence and space that now we just have a bedroom to share “I’m claustrophobic Darren” …jokes but I am finding myself really wishing I had more room to do things, Martin is still working from home so is set up at his desk in our room for the majority of the day so I feel like I can’t get my shit done … it’s times like these I really wish we had our own house. He tells me to just do what I need to do but when I’m writing posts or making videos I need silence so I can concentrate.

One of the most frustrating things about being back here is not having the ability to be in control of my own health, so obviously we’re all self isolating to stay safe, not spread the virus and to help our NHS and you best believe I’m taking this shit seriously, Martin has bad asthma so is high risk and honestly I’m mostly bothered about his health than my own but I’m doing what I can for us both. So when other members of the household are going to see other people or his other family members are popping over while they’re also socially interacting with others really pisses me off, honestly I’ve been so close to just having it out with them but Martin has instead had a word so there’s no heated arguments. I’m hoping they start to listen because I can see a storm coming if they don’t!

However, it’s not all miserable I promise, I’ve been trying to workout daily, there’s been days where I can’t be bothered but that’s okay! Oh we bought a birthday cake, just because we fancied one … while doing our full shop of course, we didn’t just go out for a cake. We watched the Tiger King series on Netflix which is absolutely nuts but definitely worth the watch and I managed to binge Big Little Lies series two after waiting ages for Now Tv to put it on which was amazing of course.

I hope that everyone reading this is safe and well and so are your loved ones, I’m sorry if this turned into a rant but it’s just what’s been going on with me so I thought I would share. Please let me know how you’re getting through this time and what things you’re doing to stay occupied.

If you’re also a key worker whether that’s NHS Staff, Supermarket staff, a teacher, delivery driver, cleaner or any of those who are helping keeping the world going right now, I just want to say thank you so much for everything you’re doing!!!!!

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