Things To Do During Lockdown

Hey you cool cats and kittens … sorry I couldn’t help myself!

So I know that now we’re reaching week three of lockdown, boredom is definitely starting to settle in … I know for me it is anyway! I’ve been trying to keep myself occupied so I thought I would share a few little ideas with you in the hopes of easing your pain even a tiny bit.

Do an Easter Egg Hunt – You don’t need to have kids in your household to have some fun with chocolate, the other day I decided to make a lil hunt for my boyfriend by hiding some eggs around the house and writing clues for him to help find them … honestly why am I so fun? For the person hiding the eggs and coming up with the clues this will probably occupy more of your time than the one whose actually finding them, let me tell you thinking of clues that rhyme can be tricky. Martin enjoyed it, well at least he said he did but he got lots of chocolate from it so I’m sure he’s happy. Not gonna lie I wish he would think of these fun things for me to do … guess I’m the creative one in this relationship.

Download Tik Tok – Most of you will have probably done this already but for those of you who haven’t I urge you to do so. Now I know you might be thinking that you don’t want to because it looks lame but let me tell you there’s more to it than just dances, you can customise what you want to see on your feed and honestly you can really get a lot of inspiration from it … a little DIY thing I’m gonna show you next came from Tik Tok. It blows my mind how creative some people are, whether it’s a make up look, a comedy sketch or simply painting, there’s really a lot of talent out there and you could put yourself on there too for others to be inspired by.

A little DIY – This is what I was talking about in my previous paragraph, I know, I know it looks rubbish but I really wanted to try and do this. So I made this for Martin … see all the things I do for him! Basically you just get two boxes, one has to be smaller than the other to fit inside, you cut the sides so when you take the lid of they open out like the photo. I then just stuck sweets around the edges and put Ferraro Rochers inside but Martin had ate them before I took the picture. It’s a small gesture but it’s thoughtful and will give you something to do … especially if your box collapses which mine did.

Finally do some home exercises – I know this may not be for everyone so that’s perfectly okay but if you’re like me and enjoy going to the gym then you might feel a little bit lost without a good workout, even if it’s just twice a week. Of course there’s a tonne of home workouts on YouTube and Instagram that you can do but the one I’ve been following is on the Shreddy account on Instagram, they’re posting everyday for two weeks with circuits you can do in your living room, bedroom or if you’re like me, garden. I’m so grateful that they’ve posted these because what else is there to do apart from eat during this time so having a little exercise really helps.

6 thoughts on “Things To Do During Lockdown

  1. These are some fun things ❤️ I’ve tried to plan activities to do with the kids every day so we don’t end up bored out of our minds, and I do enjoy having more family time

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