Just Checking In … Again

Hey everyone so I thought I would do another little update about how I’m getting on during lockdown, probs should tell you now that this might be a bit depressing so if you’re here for laughs and stuff then today ain’t the day I’m afraid.

This week has been really, really tough, ain’t gonna lie I’m struggling being in this house. I mentioned in my previous check in post that Martin’s family who I’m in lockdown with are not practicing the social distancing rules and it just keeps on getting worse. His mam is literally out the house every day, sometimes twice a day, his sisters are coming and going as they please even though two of the three don’t live here and I really don’t know how much more of it I can take … I’m truly scared that this is going to cause me some sort of mental breakdown because I cant cope! It’s like they can’t get it into their heads the risks that doing this can have on everyone else, like I said in my previous post not being in control of my own health is awful.

Of course I’ve spoken to Martin about it and told him that if this continues I’m going to have to say something but he’s worried that if I do that it will cause tension and his family will kick me out, I’ve told him I really don’t care and I’ll live in my car if I have too but he won’t have it. He’s spoken to them and told them that their unnecessary trips for none essentials items is putting us at risk so I’m grateful for him doing that but I truly believe that will change absolutely nothing because if they’re not concerned for his health when he is high risk and so is his dad then why would they start to change that now?

I swear his sister who lives over the road came over yesterday and I drafted out a report on our local police’s website because I was going to report her … I fannied out last minute but will 100% do it if this continues. I don’t feel like myself at all anymore because I’m so unhappy here, my sister and her partner have told me I can stay with them but I’m not going to be a hypocrite and stay with people that arn’t from my household … as much as I would love to get away from here, I just can’t.

I swear I’m gonna start a tally chart just to prove to you all how ridiculous this family is and how often each individual is going out or coming around.

On a slightly positive side the weather has been lovely throughout the week so it hasn’t all been bad, the warm weather definitely improves my mood and I can just forget about what’s going on for a while. I’ve still been doing my Shreddy workouts in the mornings so they’re really helping too. I’m just hoping that things turn around very soon!

How are you all doing? Let me know how you’re finding the whole situation and if anyone in your household isn’t following the rules either.

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