I Became an Online Teacher

Hello all, how are we doing today?

So something very exciting that I thought I would share with you all is my new little venture where I have became an online tutor aiming to teach children in China, Taiwan and Japan English. This is something extremely new to me as I’ve had no previous teaching experience, you might know that I have a degree in Multimedia Journalism so this is way outta my comfort zone!

It’s actually crazy to me how this came about, it was honestly like a sign from the universe. One day I was on Twitter and saw another blogger mention that she made money by teaching English online, she was a travel blogger (for the life of me I can’t remember her name but I will look on Twitter and let you know) and the job was perfect because she could do the job while moving around, just as long as she had a decent enough WIFI. I kinda thought to myself, oh wow that sounds fantastic and would be ideal especially while we’re all stuck at home, a couple of days later I was browsing Indeed just seeing what was in the area and an ad came on to teach English online … see what I mean about the sign. I applied and was offered an interview the next day, literally the quickest I’ve ever had a response from a job!

The interview was online and you answered a few questions then had to give a little demo of teaching a class (they provided the materials before the interview), YouTube was very helpful for showing me what to do! The process took about 30 minutes and the next day or so I was offered a job, only issue was that I needed a qualification that allowed me to teach English as a second language. I was sent a few links on where was best to get the TEFL for 120 hours, I decided to go with Premier TEFL which cost just under £30. I think I’m going to do another blog post about the process of getting the TEFL and how I found it so I can give you guys as much info as possible just in case its something you’d like to do!

It took around a week to gain my qualification and once I had done so I was ready to set up my profile, complete some training and do an IT test to make sure all my equipment was up to standards, then I just had to submit a start date. It took a while for me to start just because I was waiting for my red polo shirt (part of the uniform) and headset to arrive off eBay.

So I started on the 27th of May and was super nervous, I was so anxious the night before I was due to start that I had an awful nights sleep but that’s just what happens when I’m really anxious so I knew what to expect, doesn’t make it any easier though. Anyway I got off to a great start when my first student didn’t show up haha but my next two were fantastic! I haven’t been doing it long but I’m really, really enjoying it, it’s refreshing to interact with students of all ages and help them learn something new … hopefully anyway.

The company I’m working for is called ItutorGroup just incase any of you were interested, if it’s something you think you might like to try then I’m more than happy to answer any questions and can even put in a referral in for you if you wish, it’s not a problem at all and I would be happy to help!

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